• Bedding Packaging
    Packaging refers to the bag used to pack various supplies, which makes the goods convenient for transportation.
  • Protective Cover
    If the protection is not good, dust also enters, inside the exhaust aluminum sheet or the motor.
  • Garment Bag & Suit Cover
    Garment Bag & Suit Cover is also called clothing cover, also called "clothing cover" and "clothing cover".
  • Fashion Bag
    Fashion in English is almost always hanging on the lips of some people.
  • Shopping Bag
    Shopping bag, as the name implies, is the bag used for shopping.
  • Storage Bag
    Storage bag is mainly used to hold clothes, quilts and other daily items and personal items.
  • Cooler Bag
    The cooler bag is a new kind of freezing medium, which has no water pollution when thawing.
  • Body Bag
    TexPack provides high quality body bags with competitive factory price. Professional custom design for body bags.
  • Beauty Bag
    The word beauty originally originated from the ancient Greek "kosmetikos", which means "decoration".
  • Jewelry Bag
    Jewelry bag is the bag for jewelry.According to the materials, there are: flocking cloth jewelry bag, colored Ding cloth jewelry bag, satin cloth jewelry bag, etc.
  • Food Service Bag
    The quality and level of service are not only related to the hotel's effectiveness and reputation.
  • Hospitality Bag
    There are some small details that need special attention, such as how to choose and how to pack.
About TexPack

Texpack Manufacturing was founded in 2002, and has grown up into one of the largest manufacturers of home textile packaging and aims to be the leading supplier of this industry in the world.

We currently have 4 production factories: Two are located in Guangzhou China, just 20 minutes away from Canton Fair. One in Sihanoukville, Cambodia which was established in 2013, which is 15 kilometers away from the largest seaport of Cambodia. The other one is in Yanggon, Myanmar, starts in year 2019. All these facilities offer a combined workforce of about 2000 employees and a yearly production capacity of over 50 million sewn packaging bags.