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Texpack will launch new products from time to time to meet the growing requirements of different customers. If you are interested in the following new pillows and other products, please contact us as soon as possible.

What is the Macromolecular material?

Macro molecular material, a material based on polymer compounds. Polymer materials are materials composed of compounds with relatively high molecular weight, including rubber, plastics, fibres, coatings, adhesives, and polymer-based composite materials. Polymers are a form of life. All living organisms can be regarded as a collection of polymers.

Introduction Of New Arrival Pillows

The core material of our products is made by new food-grade polymer material with a silky appearance, commonly known as 3D silk, silver silk bird's nest, etc.

The pillow with macromolecular material has a unique internal structure. It is a 3D dimensional elastic structure polymerized by polymers. There are countless cavities inside, which will not gather moisture or heat, and continuously release oxygen, keeping the internal air fresh and smooth at all times. Based on the excellent mechanical properties of molecular materials, the product has undergone 80,000 compression tests without deformation, and can evenly disperse the pressure of the human body into tens of thousands of supporting points, giving the head, neck, waist, back and buttocks the best comfort. Therefore, it is called "zero pressure material", and it is the perfect substitute for pillows, cushions, seat cushions, and mattress core materials. The product is self-melted and formed without glue bonding. It has good tensile and fatigue resistance, and its service life is far beyond other traditional materials.

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