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Memory foam cushion generally uses a slow rebound sponge. A memory foam support cushion is also called an inert sponge, memory sponge, low rebound sponge, slow rebound sponge, and zero pressure sponge. According to a different process, it can be divided into polyether foaming series and MDI molding series. A memory foam cushion is a high-tech material designed and developed for NASA's space program. It is designed for astronauts to help relieve the pressure on them during take-off, landing, and flight. Due to the unique pressure relief features of the memory foam sponge, natural memory foam pillow and cushion can let the body rest in a natural stress-free position.

Types of Memory Foam Cushion

The Material Characteristics of Memory Foam Cushion

The material of memory foam cushion pads for sale is an open viscous cell material, which is extremely sensitive to temperature and can accurately shape the body shape. There are millions of regular cells in the cushion made of memory cotton, which will move lightly with the body shape contour and give the body the support it needs under the condition of no pressure.


The Advantages of Memory Foam Cushion

Memory: rebound refers to that the product sinks under pressure, but does not show strong rebound force (such as clay collapse under pressure); when the pressure is removed, the memory foam pressure relief cushion will gradually return to the original shape (such as spring recovery). However, the high resilience of the slow rebound material can still sink and recover gradually under the destructive extrusion experiment. Under pressure extrusion, the high resilience of the slow rebound material can evenly disperse the pressure at the contact point between the human body and the mattress, can slowly deform and adapt to the compressed object, and can provide the most uniform support force.

Permeability, antibacterial, and anti-mite: the open cell structure of memory foam inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites. Memory foam cushion pads are still healthy and safe after long-term use, especially suitable for pregnant women who are prone to allergy and children. At the same time, it is a material that can breathe. People sleeping on the small or large memory foam cushion will feel transparent and not sultry. No matter lying on the back or on the side, the memory foam mattress can make all parts of the human body in a relaxed state, especially the cervical spine and spine can be completely relaxed and rested, so as to reduce the number of unnecessary turning during sleep, reduce snoring, muscle ache and other conditions, and increase the time of deep sleep.


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