Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Contour Memory Foam Pillow

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Contour memory foam pillow is a kind of pillow made of slow elastic material. Its function is not to increase people's memory, but because the pillow often used will form the inherent shape of the head and neck. Contour memory foam hollow is comfortable and can prevent cervical vertebrae and other problems.

The Difference Between Contour Memory Foam Pillow and Latex Pillow  

  • Material difference

Slow rebound sponge is a kind of polyurethane polyether polymer, which has special viscoelastic properties, comfortable softness and strong impact absorption ability. Latex pillow is made of the juice of rubber tree, 100% pure natural latex juice, which is processed by physical process.

  • Spring back characteristics

Contour memory foam hollow has a slow rebound effect (the slow rebound time is about 5 seconds, which is the best). At the same time, it senses the human body temperature, moulds the body shape with the body temperature and weight, and absorbs the human body pressure, so that the human body is in a state of zero pressure, so as to achieve comfortable sleep. Latex pillow has no slow rebound performance, belongs to high rebound performance, and also has a good effect of absorbing and buffering human pressure.

  • Odour difference

Contour memory foam hollow is a moulding one-time moulding with a little smell, but the smell disappears after 2-3 days of ventilation. Latex pillow is also moulded one-time with latex fragrance, slightly light after ventilation, which is also one of the factors that can identify latex pillow and memory pillow.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow

  • Eliminate the pressure, ensure the correct sleeping posture pad and get full rest. When a person lies on contour memory foam hollow, the spine is S-shaped natural physiological bending state when he lies on his back, and the spine is straight when he lies on his side. The best way for the body to self-repair and self-care during one-third of life's sleep.

  • Temperature balance does not need to worry about wet sweating, hands and feet are cold, microcirculation is not good for people very suitable.

  • To prevent the occurrence of necklines, women should pay attention to protecting their own neck.

  • Reduce snoring.

  • To prevent incorrect sleeping posture and spinal deformation in the growing and developing children.

  • The use of the elderly can reduce the pressure of the heart, prevent the senile diseases caused by poor sleep, and will not compress the muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

  • Reduce interference during sleeping.

  • Good air circulation, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and mite proof. Protect your health.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow Parameter

Pillow coreMold memory cotton
FabricVelvet, 80% cotton 20 polyester
shapeBread type
functionHigh quality memory cotton, traditional design, suitable for all people

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