Functions of Memory Foam Airplane Pillow

  • For the sedentary office staff, it can be used as a back cushion to support the spine.

  • During the office lunch break, it can be used as a lunch break pillow. People sleeping in the ambush will no longer be numb because of arm pressure, which can effectively relieve the pressure of the human body, promote blood circulation, and also give you a short but comfortable lunch break.

  • For the long-distance travel friends, it can greatly alleviate the fatigue brought by the cervical vertebra on the way, help us get high-quality rest on the way, and reduce the neck ache caused by the long-distance travel.

  • For long-distance drivers, it can adjust the curvature of the driver's head by 15-20 degrees, avoid the compression of the cervical vein, relieve fatigue and greatly improve safe driving.

  • It is suitable for daily office and leisure use, whether you use the computer for a long time, or watch TV at home, or take a lunch break, it can effectively prevent cervical spine strain.

Memory Cotton Types and Differences of Memory Foam Airplane Pillow

  • Imported memory cotton material, high-grade polyurethane material. It is characterized by better temperature feeling, smooth hand feeling and slow rebound speed, which is more than 10 seconds.

  • Inflatable memory cotton material, also known as inflatable material, this kind of technology is characterized by a comfortable feel of pillows, "it seems that there is gas in it that can be extruded". This kind of technology can not be too high in the natural density of uniform inflation of pillows, generally between 45-60d, due to the uniform inflation of a special imported auxiliary agent, but it overcomes the defect that sponge technology is prone to collapse in the past. It feels comfortable and belongs to popular products.

  • Common memory cotton material has been using the memory cotton foaming process. The hand feel and rebound speed can be adjusted, but its fatal disadvantage is that it is easy to collapse.

Parameters of Memory Foam Airplane Pillow

Pillow coreSlow rebound die memory cotton
FabricAir coat
FunctionWavy design supports the neck. Different height on both sides, suitable for different groups

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