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POE Washable Pillow is of many good qualities, which is good for your health.

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Memory Foam Washing Pillow Memory Foam Washing Pillow
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Parameters of POE Washing Pillow

Size: 42*18*11cm (L*W*H); 35.5*33*12cm (L*W*H); 50*30*10/7 cm (L*W*H)

Material: 100% POE

Weight: 0-0.5kg

Outer Cover: 100% cotton or customized, velvet, airlayer, bamboo

Unpick and Wash: Removable and Washable

Certification: Oeko Tex Standard 100

Features of POE Washing Pillow

A. Brand new material, healthy and environmentally friendly

Green and environmentally friendly food-grade pillow, 0 formaldehyde, 0 chemistry, 0 irritation, no heavy metals, truly non-toxic, harmless, and odourless.

B. Super compressive resistance, durable

Because we will often change our movements when sleeping, supine and side sleepers have different requirements for the height of the pillow. The height of the pillow should be able to change accordingly, so the pillow needs to have good elasticity and anti-stress. Our pillows can precisely meet these needs. The inner core is entwined with filaments and the strong resilience makes our pillows more durable than other businesses' products.

C.  Hollow and dimensional, easy to wash and dry

The pillow core adopts a unique 3D bird's nest design, which is more dimensional, breaking the limitation of current types of pillow cores that cannot be washed with water. It will not deform after washing, and it can be dried in a ventilated and dry place for 20 minutes. We need to wash the crumbs and cuticles on the pillow core and pillowcase frequently, and place mites and bacteria to breed. Recommended to clean it once 2-3 months.

D. Anti-mite and dust-proof, effective antibacterial

The pillow core is made of selected POE material, which is super breathable to prevent stuffiness and humidity; the pillow core with 10 times the breathability will not breed bacteria and mites and is effective in antibacterial, mildew, and anti-mite. The breathability of polymer pillows is 10 times that of sponges, and the pillow core uses a 3D loop design, so it is undoubtedly the best at present in terms of breathability.

E. 3D structure, ventilation and moisture removal

The unique 3D three-dimensional silk winding structure can be used in the hot summer to better breathe, wick away sweat and dampness so that you can sleep more comfortably at night.

F. Reasonable flexibility and balanced support

We use a new polymer POE granular material with higher hardness. On the spinneret, a good design is adopted, and the density is increased to allow the inner core to produce high elasticity so that our inner core will not collapse under your long-term use, and it can well adapt to your cervical spine, so as to help you relieve the discomfort of the cervical spine caused by prolonged sitting for a long time.

G.Professional design, perfect fit

According to the principle of ergonomics, the unique wave-shaped curve design fits your cervical spine, relieves you from the discomfort caused by fatigue throughout the day, supports your cervical spine curve at all times, and reduces turning over; absorbs the pressure of your shoulders, so you will never worry about the trouble caused by insomnia as soon as it is dawn.

H. High-quality fabric, comfortable and beautiful

The outer cover adopts the latest 3D honeycomb mesh cloth. The unique mesh and breathable fibers can maximize our breathability. The massage pattern series can let your body relax at night, and there are also a variety of colors and fabrics for selection.

Difference between POE material and other materials

1. Regular Foam: after a long-time of use, it will become hard and yellow, breed mites and bacteria, and it is not easy to clean. Even after cleaning, it is difficult to completely dry by air. Over time, it will be deformed; and the sponge itself, no matter how you declare Environmental protection and odorless, long-term use will produce odors and harm the body as the internal structure changes.

However, the macromolecular material produced by our company is made of high-tech molecular materials and completed through a series of inspection procedures, which can be truly safe, non-toxic, and tasteless. For its unique 3D spinneret structure, the pillow is easy to wash, quick-drying, anti-mite, and antibacterial. After being tested for pressure resistance, it is not easy to deform after long-term use.

2. Latex pillows are made of pure natural latex. It is a very popular new material pillow in recent years. Although latex pillows have the good softness and high elasticity, the characteristics of natural materials make latex itself unable to prevent the oxidation process. Regardless of its shape, especially when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the oxidation process is faster; moreover, real latex cannot be formed, so in the so-called natural latex pillow, the purity of latex rubber is only 20%-40%, and most of it is protein and sugars, latex must be added with alkali to extend the storage time.

Also, Latex rubber has an allergenic effect. About 8% of people will be allergic to latex. Latex pillows are too soft and elastic. The position of the head seems to be changing all the time, causing the neck muscles to always adapt to the support of the head.

The macromolecular material we produce can overcome those points well, and will not be oxidized due to ultraviolet radiation; it is formed by heating and extrusion, without any additives; and the hardness is moderate. During your enjoyment, the products will fit your body perfectly.

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