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The main color of the package is selected with several bright candy colors to match, and the eye-catching title text renders the visual atmosphere of the package; the colorful and colorful colors convey the characteristics of the same taste of various products. The inner box of this product is a beautiful hexagonal box. The outer packaging handbag can be reused and used in daily life. The inner packaging box can be used to hold some small accessories and the like, and the handbag can be convenient for carrying things out.

The outer packaging mainly uses paper packaging, paper packaging is relatively safe for food, the cost of paper packaging is not high, and the dark color is used as the background color for the handbag, which can protect the product from light and heat. Putting the colorful product LOGO on it gives a visual impact and increases the promotion of the product.

Types of Hospitality Bag

Hospitality Bag Specially Folded

Take out the bag and ribbon you bought. First, take a bag with the bottom facing up and press the paper with the same shape on both sides. Then press the other side that has the protrusion to the middle, and finally snap the last side, then the bottom is fine. Bottom down, squeeze both sides with your hands to the middle, flip the small lid over, and the effect is just fine. The pink bag is packed in the same way as the red bag. After the two bags are ready, you can put candy in them. After putting it together, put it together. Take out the ribbon and pull up in the middle, and finally shape. The ribbon passes through the pink pocket hole and the red band hole. The ribbon loops around the small flower and then passes through the red pocket hole.

Finish the ribbon with a bow or whatever you like.

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