Quality Control

With its novel style, excellent quality, excellent customer service, and outstanding performance, Texpack has won a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

A good reputation is closely related to strict requirements in product design, material selection, organizational production, and quality control.

At the same time, we have passed the ISO9001 quality system, BSCI (Commercial Social Standard Certification), and the most authoritative Oeko-tex standard (Sunflower) certification.

Texpack specializes in designing and manufacturing various polyurethane foam products such as slow rebound space cotton pillows and cushions. It specializes in producing various bedding packaging bags, home covers, suit covers, shopping bags, protective covers, tool kits and so on. Strict control in all aspects of style design, raw material and process innovation, production, and quality.

We aim at product quality control in the production process to ensure that the production process is in a controlled state.

Analysis, diagnosis, and monitoring of operating techniques and production processes adopted in the production, installation and service processes that affect product quality.

Quality Control Content

  •  Material control, traceability, and identification. The type, number, and requirements of materials and parts required in the production process must be specified to ensure the quality of the process materials and maintain the suitability and suitability of the products in the process; identify the materials in the process to ensure the identification and validation Traceability of status.

  • Equipment control and maintenance. Make corresponding provisions for equipment tools, measuring instruments, etc. that affect product quality characteristics, and verify their accuracy before use, store and protect reasonably between two uses, and regularly verify and recalibrate; develop preventive equipment. A maintenance plan to ensure equipment accuracy and production capacity to ensure continuous process capacity.

  • Control and management of key production processes. For difficult-to-measure product characteristics, special skills required for equipment maintenance and operation

And special processes for key control; timely improvement and correction of deficiencies in the process, in the production process, monitor with appropriate frequency

Measure, control and verify process parameters to ascertain whether all equipment and operators can meet product quality requirements.

  • Document control. Ensure that process planning requirements are fulfilled and that process-related documents used in the process are valid versions.

  • Process change control. Ensure the correctness of the process change and its implementation, clearly specify the responsibilities and permissions for the change, evaluate the product after the change, and verify the expected effect of the change.

  • Control of verification status. Use appropriate methods to identify the verification status of the process, identify unverified, qualified, or unqualified products by identification, and identify the responsibility for verification by identification. Control of non-conforming products. Develop and implement non-conforming product control procedures, identify non-conforming products in a timely manner, clearly identify and store non-conforming products, determine the treatment methods for non-conforming products and monitor them to prevent customers from receiving non-conforming products.

  • Unexpected use of non-conforming products, to avoid unnecessary costs for further processing of non-conforming products.

Control Method

  • Preparation and implementation of special quality control procedures;

  • Strengthen inspection and supervision;

  • Fill in quality records in detail, clarify responsibilities, and ensure traceability;

  • strictly control the treatment of non-conforming products;

  • Strengthen the maintenance of equipment;

  • Use statistical control methods to control the production process, such as control charts, statistical sampling procedures and programs.

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