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Jewelry Bag
Jewelry Bag

Jewelry bag is the bag for jewelry.

According to the materials, there are: flocking cloth jewelry bags, colored Ding cloth jewelry bags, satin cloth jewelry bags, etc.

According to the shape: square, round, cylindrical, gourd-shaped, irregular.

The jewelry bag is made of cloth, beautiful in appearance and soft in hand, and it is economical and environmentally friendly. You can take good care of your jewelry.

Characteristics of Jewelry Bags

You may have heard some events: some people take off jewelry and put it on the washing table because of washing hands, and then the jewelry accidentally falls to the ground and breaks or slips into the drainage ditch, or forgets the jewelry on the washing table and so on. In fact, this is not a new thing, but such a crisis can be avoided.

  • When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store will send you a small jewel box and put the jewels in it to make the jewels look beautiful.

  • After many people take out the jewelry for use, the jewelry box is put in the drawer at home instead of using, which is quite a pity.

  • In fact, this small jewelry box has its own wonderful use. It is small and does not occupy space. It can be carried with you. When you go out to wash your hands, you can take off the ring and put it in the jewelry box. If you develop this habit, you can greatly reduce the chance of losing the jewelry ring. So don't worry, take a small ring box with you!

  • It is used for glasses, sunglasses and other gifts to your customers to promote your logo.

  • Store and protect your glasses, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.

  • Logo printing: digital printing or heat transfer printing; screen printing or offset printing; stamping; weaving; other printing can be customized.

  • Custom pull rope type: single pull or double pull.

Category of Jewelry Bag 

Middle end rubber embryo jewelry box:

  • At present, many of them are generally made of rubber embryo. They are wrapped with a layer of leather filled paper, which is generally imported from abroad. This kind of box is relatively cheap and is commonly used in silver jewelry stores.

  • Flocked Jewelry Box:

Flocking boxes are mainly made of plastic. The surface of the flocking boxes looks beautiful and light. The flocking box is higher than the paper box. It is also commonly used for silver ornaments, gold, etc.

  •  Gel jewelry box:

The embryo body is made of plastic. It's wrapped with paper or PU leather. This kind of packaging, which looks a little high-grade, has not high cost and is often used by some middle-end customers.

  • Wooden jewelry box:

The solid wood jewelry box belongs to the relatively high-end jewelry packaging, which is generally made of solid wood and treated with spray paint. Many enterprises export the solid wood jewelry box to foreign countries. The batch is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is too expensive.

The emergence of jewelry packaging is to protect all kinds of materials of jewelry, to maintain the lasting appearance effect of jewelry, to prevent the corrosion and wear of dust and particles on the surface of jewelry in the air, so jewelry boxes need to consider all kinds of jewelry not only in design but also in material selection.

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