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The storage bag is mainly used to hold clothes, quilts, and other daily items and personal items.

According to the material, the storage bags are mainly divided into PE storage bags and non-woven storage bags; according to the purpose, there are various kinds of storage bags, mainly including clothing storage bags, underwear socks storage bags, piecemeal storage bags, automobile supplies storage bags, etc.

Types of Storage Bag

Advantages of Storage Bag

  • Save space. Because it's vacuum compression, it takes out the air in the middle of the original expansion object, and the volume becomes smaller. To make a simple analogy, it's equivalent to flattening the sponge by hand.

  • No mildew, insects or damp. Because it is isolated from the outside air, it can achieve this effect.

  • The price is cheaper. Generally, the physique of this kind of bag in China now ranges from a dozen yuan to a dozen yuan, which is very practical.

  • It is smooth and soft, and do not change shape in case of low temperature. It is made of advanced seamless technology and completely stored in a vacuum.


Classification of Storage Bag

  • Car storage bag: it is usually used in the car's fender, behind the back chair, on the side of the door, and in the trunk. According to the subdivision, there are usually different names. For example in-car storage bag, in-car storage box, storage hanging bag, in-car storage bag, car storage bag, car fender storage bag, car CD storage bag, etc. All such items or names in the auto boutique department store are generally referred to as "car storage bag" or "car storage bag".

  • Travel storage bag: a combination of waterproof and breathable, which is suitable for the storage of travel supplies and clothing. It is attached with a handle, which can be carried in a suitcase alone, in addition, to be out in a travel bag. It has a simple design, but super function, which feels like a small suitcase, and is ready for the use of traveling. This storage bag is divided into three types according to the size. One side of the bag is covered with a plastic waterproof layer, which is effectively waterproof, and the other side is a grid, which is not waterproof but breathable.

  • Vacuum compression bag: it is a kind of bag that draws out air to make atmospheric pressure naturally compress. In short, a vacuum compression bag is mainly used for packing quilts and various kinds of clothes. Its working principle is to extract the air inside the quilt and clothes (as if pressing the sponge will shrink), so as to reduce the volume.





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