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Understanding that your health and security are the top priorities when it comes to purchasing our products, to offer high-quality products, we have earned the certifications from the third-party detection institution such as ISO9001 Certificate of Quality System, SGS Certificate, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certificate, and CPSC Certificate. 

TexPack manufactures high quality packaging bags and specialize in standard and custom packaging bags for bedding, garment and suit, shopping, storage, jewelry, hospitality and more. We are ready to offer custom packaging service if you need. Just let us know what you need to package, with the requirements, and we will work out a solution to meet your needs and cost requirements, choosing the suitable packaging material, design and style to ensure the optimal and the most economical product. We are experienced in packaging bags industry and have business throughout the world.

Basic Types of Packaging & Bag

Packaging bags are very common in our daily life. We can use them for shopping and shopping in life. At Texpack, we can offer you bedding packaging, protective cover, garment bag, shopping bag, storage bag, cooler bag and many others can be customized.

Biodegradable packaging bags is widely used in daily life and industrial production. The packaging bag has a protective effect: a product must go through circulation before it can reach consumers. In the hand, the packaging bag plays a role in protecting the product from damage and ensuring the safety of the product; on the other hand, the packaging bag also has a cold-proof function, so that the product will not deform in the severe cold weather. Cracking, thus ensuring the quality of the product. Biodegradable packaging bags have been used in all walks of life. The advantages of biodegradable packaging bags are: the first point is the firm performance: traditional shopping bags are light in weight and easy to break, which saves costs. In order to make it stronger, then Cost. Biodegradable packaging bags solve this problem, with good toughness and easy breakage. In addition to having prison. 

Packaging & Bag
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