Lavender Memory Foam Pillow
Lavender Memory Foam Pillow

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Lavender memory foam pillow has become one of the popular pillow types in the market. For many people, lavender memory foam pillow provides an unparalleled quality of sleep, with medical support, which can relieve all kinds of cervical symptoms.

Cleaning Method of Lavender Memory Foam Pillow

Lavender foam pillow usually has a set of pillows. It is detachable and can be washed by hand or machine, but its inner core does not need to be cleaned. Do not put it into the washing machine to mix, so as to avoid damaging the structure of memory cotton and shortening its service life.

If it is necessary to clean the pillow core for a long time, here are the correct cleaning steps:

  • Take off the pillowcase

If you put the pillow in the pillowcase, please take it off now. Most memory foam pillows have extra zipper sleeves. You should take them out and separate them from the pillows.

  • A bucket of water

For material sensitive foam pillow, the washing machine is too rough, so this kind of pillow must be hand washed. Use a bucket or sink to hold warm water. You just need enough water to cover the pillow.

  • Add detergent

Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent to each pillow. Stir the water slightly by hand to make it frothy and well mixed.

  • Clean the pillow

Put the pillow in the water and turn it slightly to help the detergent penetrate into the pillow. Knead and squeeze the pillow by hand to remove the dirt and make it pass through the outer layer to make the pillow clean.

  • Dry the pillow

The high temperatures will destroy the memory foam and break it, so don't put the foam pillow into the dryer. Instead, spread a clean white towel in a dry place and put the pillow on it. If you can, please dry it in the sun.

Suitable Crowd of Lavender Memory Foam Pillow

  • People with poor sleeping posture

If the bad sleep position lasts for a long time and cannot be adjusted in time when the brain is at rest, the balance of paravertebral muscles, ligaments and joints will inevitably be out of balance. This lavender memory pillow by TexPak memory foam pillow manufacturer is a multifunctional memory pillow for people who needs to adjust the sleeping posture curve and improve the sleeping posture.

  • People in inappropriate working positions

A large number of statistical materials show that the incidence of cervical spondylosis is very high in sitting position, especially in low head workers, including domestic workers, embroidery women, office workers, typewriters, assemblers on the instrument assembly line, etc.

  • People who don't exercise properly

Normal physical exercise is good for health. However, activities or movements that exceed the tolerance of the neck, such as handstands or somersaults with the head and neck as the supporting points, can increase the load of the cervical spine. Especially in the absence of correct guidance, the injury of the cervical spine is particularly large.

Parameters of Lavender Memory Foam Pillow

Specifications 70*50*13cm
Pillow coreSmash memory foam
FunctionSoft crushed sponge filling, nonrebound, classic traditional design

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