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Slow rebound, also known as memory foam, is a polyurethane polymer with an open cell structure. Memory foam products are an open-cell foam with viscoelastic properties, 100% made up of polyurethane. The material has good impact resistance and absorptive capacity. This material molecule is very sensitive to temperature, so it is also called temperature-sensitive memory cotton.

The molecules of this material will "flow" when they are pressed by external forces and shift to fit the contour of the contact surface of the pressure object so that the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the contact surface, and it will slowly return to the original shape when the pressure is removed, so this material was also initially called slow-rebound foam. This means we can squeeze and compress the different types of memory foam. It feels as the air rushes out just like water from a foam dish scrubber when you squeeze it. Natural memory foam is soft and conforming to the human body.

Professional Memory Foam China Supplier

We are a professional memory foam China supplier of standard & custom size memory foam for a wide range of comfort and support applications such as seating, matting, ergonomics, etc. Types of bed products including pillows, cushions, mattresses, mother&baby care pillows can be fabricated with customized sizes and designs. We have earned the certification for all of our memory foam products. Meeting the certification guidelines assures customers that certified polyurethane foam, the material we use, is an environmentally-innovative material that is durable, performance, and content-tested,which means that we have the ability to manufacture the best type of memory foam.

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Types of Memory Foam Benefits

1. Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping

A sleepmed memory foam pillow can reduce the pressure on the head and neck, that is, absorb the pressure of the human body. The material will sense the temperature of the human body that contacts the pillow, gradually become soft, and absorb the pressure of the human body at the same time so as to adjust the human body to the most comfortable posture. TexPak offers a variety of affordable memory foam pillows with professional customer service for your business.

2. Memory Foam Cushion for Seat

Memory foam cushion generally uses a slow rebound sponge. Due to the unique pressure relief features of the memory foam sponge, the memory foam support cushion can let the body rest in a natural stress-free position. It is designed in accordance with ergonomic principles to avoid poor blood circulation of the buttock and release the pressure of the caudal vertebra.

3. Memory Foam Mattress Better than Spring Mattress

Spring mattress doesn't fully meet the ergonomic principles so the human body would bear more pressure. While memory foam mattress uses slow rebound sponge to distribute the body pressure, which ensures a relaxing sleep for people. TexPak is the industry-leading memory foam mattress China supplier providing comprehensive custom types of memory foam mattresses for your needs.

4. Memory Foam in Use of Mother & Baby Care Pillow

The mother & baby care pillow adopts a slow rebound memory sponge and conforms to the ergonomic principles and brain wave diagrams, which ensures protection for the pregnant and infants. TexPak offers a variety of custom pillow for mom and babies of various ages for your business.

5. New Arrival Pillow Makes Difference

New Arrival contains many new products of memory foam products we developed, such as TPE Washable Pillow, Super Soft Comfort Pillow, Adjustable Memory Pillow, Travel Neck Pillow, Coccyx Seating Cushion, the new character can be used on your brand lines easily.

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