Memory Foam Car Pillow
Memory Foam Car Pillow

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The memory foam car pillow is specially designed for riding rest according to the principle of human body, and it has the function of relaxing pressure and helping sleep when put on the neck rest; the memory foam car pillow is especially suitable for long-distance driving, which can make the driver's head adjust 15-20 degrees, avoid the compression of the jugular vein, slow down fatigue, and be beneficial to safe driving.

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Benefits of Memory Foam Car Pillow

Put your hands around the pillow. You can take a nap on your stomach. The arm is not tired and sleeps steadily, avoiding nerve compression on the arm, eyeball, and face;

Physiological research shows that human brain cells will turn into inhibition state after being excited for 4-5 hours. Especially for long-distance travelers, after bumps, it is easy to get tired, and it is easy to doze off after a long time. Almost all the passengers who take the hard seat of the train and the long-distance bus will encounter a common big problem - difficult to sleep. There is nothing on the head and neck to sleep on the back of the seat, which is easy to slip. After a long time, the neck is sore and extremely uncomfortable. The memory foam car pillow is an inflatable pillow specially designed for riding and resting according to the principles of the human body, which is covered with air and resting on the back of the car seat It can also be used for sleeping on the table, avoiding pressure on the arm, eyeball and facial nerve, and also for lying down. The fluid in the inflatable pillow can make people in the natural state and make the human body function reach the best regulation.

When resting, put it on the back of the seat and lie on the bed. The neck is not sour and very comfortable. Using a memory foam car pillow can effectively prevent spinal strain. TexPack supplies a series of affordable memory foam pillows, view more for pressure relief. If you want a memory foam car pillow, Tex is a better car pillow manufacturer for you.

Manufacturing Method of Memory Foam Car Pillow

Memory foam car pillows can also be made by yourself according to personal preferences, and the production method is very simple. You can sew the cover according to your own neck actual situation, such as according to the collar dimple, etc. It is sewn into a crescent shape and filled with space cotton or buckwheat shell. It is recommended that people who drive for a long time can use more memory foam car pillows, which can bring you better work efficiency, help your health and prevent various occupational diseases.

Parameter of Memory Foam Car Pillow

Specifications40*15(length * diameter)
Pillow coreSlow rebound foam
FunctionIt is a cylindrical design, can be used for sofas, offices, travel and so on. Its fabric is high-grade and can also be used as decoration.

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