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The word beauty originally originated from the ancient Greek "kosmetikos", which means "decoration". Since ancient times, people have been pursuing beauty. With the development of society, people have become more and more particular about beauty, and they have become more and more meticulous, and suitable beauty bags have become the pursuit of people.

Types of Beauty Bag

Advantages and Making of Beauty Bags

The beauty bag has the functions of dust-proof, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, etc., which can better protect the beauty products, maintain the quality of the beauty products, and make our skin get the best maintenance.

In our daily life, you can make some beautiful bags that meet your own needs. For example, you can use waste clothes, choose your favorite materials and patterns to cut, and make your own beauty bags that are suitable for the shape of beauty products. This not only protects the beauty products but also makes use of waste and achieves the effect of protecting the environment. Moreover, the self-made beauty bag not only delights people's mood, but also feels extremely precious when used, and plays a double-layer protection role of beauty bags and beauty products.

The Material of Mask Packing Bag

One: matte film/aluminum plated / PE This is a common material structure. The material structure of the bag looks matte, which is what we often call frosted. Some people like this material. Coupled with appropriate design manuscripts look high-end, atmospheric.

Two: PET / AL / PE This material structure is the most used material structure. The bag looks bright and reflective, and the good design looks good. It is also a good choice for many people.

Three: Matte film / PET / AL / PE This material is relatively rare. This material is only used for customers with particularly high product quality. The matte film is not resistant to high temperatures and it is easy to crumple the bag when it is made, so add one This layer of PET can avoid this problem, and the resulting bag is flat and beautiful.

Therefore, when choosing a mask packaging bag, first of all, it depends on whether it is environmentally friendly and skincare; secondly, it can be selected according to people's own preferences. After all, satisfaction is the best option.

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