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Generally, memory foam is used to make mattresses. The best type of memory foam mattress generally has the characteristics of decompression, slow rebound and temperature sensitivity. What's more, the air permeability and anti-bacterial and anti-mite properties of different types of memory foam mattresses are not possessed by many other mattresses. Using this kind of mattress can reduce the pressure of the human body and change the soft hardness of mattresses according to the change of human body temperature. Memory foam mattresses are a kind of memory foam mattress, which has a good pressure-free fit.

Types of Memory Foam Mattress

The Material Characteristics of Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam material is an open viscous cell material, which is extremely sensitive to temperature and can accurately shape the body shape. There are millions of regular cells in the mattress made of natural memory foam, which will move lightly with the body shape contour and give the body the support it needs under the condition of no pressure.


The Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

  • Temperature sensitivity: the improved memory cotton material is very sensitive to temperature, which can provide appropriate softness and hardness according to different temperatures of various parts of the human body, perfectly shape the body shape, and make the spine rest and relax in a natural arc position. The comfort memory foam mattress is closely fitted to the body, avoiding the pain caused by the traditional mattress's overhead bending of the neck and waist and the damage to the spine.

  • Decompression: the biggest characteristic of memory foam originated from space technology is that it can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body. The traditional mattress material will have a reaction force on the human body. When the spine and joints are squeezed by the cheap sponge mattress, they will feel paralyzed and sore. People will turn over unconsciously, which affects the quality of sleep. Using the mattress made of top memory foam can eliminate the pressure of the human body well. The mattress has no reaction force on the body. People sleep on it, just like floating in the cloud. The blood circulation of the whole body is smooth, the number of turns is greatly reduced, and people sleep deeply.

  • Slow rebound: rebound refers to that the product sinks under pressure, but does not show strong rebound force (such as clay collapse under pressure); when the pressure is removed, the product will gradually return to the original shape (such as spring recovery). However, the high resilience of the slow rebound material can still sink and recover gradually under the destructive extrusion experiment. Under the pressure extrusion, the high resilience of the slow rebound material can evenly disperse the pressure at the contact point between the human body and the most firm memory foam mattress, can slowly deform and adapt to the compressed object, and can provide the most uniform support force to completely relax the neck, shoulder, and waist.

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