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Memory foam pillow is also called memory cotton or memory pillow, which can reduce the pressure on the head and neck, that is, absorb the pressure of the human body. When the human body contacts the material, the material of a natural memory foam pillow will sense the temperature of the human body, gradually become soft, and absorb the pressure of the human body at the same time so as to adjust the human body to the most comfortable posture.

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

Characteristics of Memory Foam Pillow

  • Absorb the impact force. When the comfort memory foam pillow is on the top, it feels as if it floats on the water surface or clouds, and the skin feels no pressure. It is also called zero pressure. Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, it will compress the auricle, but it will not happen when we use a premium memory foam pillow.

  • According to the ergonomic design, when use a memory foam support pillow, the ability of memory deformation and automatic shaping can fix the head and reduce the possibility of stiff neck; the ability of automatic shaping can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problems of air leakage in the shoulder quilt, and effectively prevent the problems of the cervical spine.

  • Types of memory foam pillows can prevent bacteria and mites, and memory foam can inhibit the growth of mold, dispel the irritating smell produced by the reproduction and growth of mold. When there is sweat saliva, it is more prominent.

  • Air permeability and moisture absorption. Because each cell unit is interconnected, a perfect pillow memory foam has excellent moisture absorption performance and is also air permeability.


Advantages of Memory Foam Pillow

  • Good protection ability, superior chemical resistance: for most of the acid, alkali, salt, good memory foam pillows have the chemical inert features, good liquid barrier protection function.

  • Waterproof and breathable.

  • Porous material and good air permeability. Because of the fine fiber, liquid water, oil, etc. can not easily penetrate; while gas and water gas can penetrate, it has excellent waterproof and air permeability. Besides, there is the washable memory foam pillow to be chosen.

  • Good anti solid particle penetration function: it has special physical organization structure, and can completely block fine mites and dust, and prevent its penetration. Excellent bacteria blocking effect: it can be used in the packaging of sterile medical products. Low pilling: durable, no pilling.

  • High strength and excellent dimensional stability: easy to process, no change in dry and wet strength due to no water absorption.

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