Wedge Cushion

Wedge Support Cushion

Many patients with cervical spondylosis do not use pillows when the head is raised as much as possible, and the neck is in the overextended position. So for a short time, sometimes I feel that cervical spondylosis has improved.

Memory Foam Wedge Support Cushion Memory Foam Wedge Support Cushion
Memory Foam Wedge Support Cushion Memory Foam Wedge Support Cushion
Memory Foam Wedge Shaped Seat Cushions Memory Foam Wedge Shaped Seat Cushions
Memory Foam Wedge Shaped Seat Cushions Memory Foam Wedge Shaped Seat Cushions

But in fact, if you don't use pillows for a long time, because people's sleep time is very long. Without the pillow as a fulcrum to support the cervical spine, the muscles in the back of the neck will not relax for a long time but will aggravate fatigue and induce cervical spondylosis. Neck muscle has been in a state of tension, for a long time will lead to neck muscle stiffness, blood, and pain. For this kind of problem, it can be ensured that the head and shoulders are slightly raised, and the choice of wedge cushion is very suitable for pillows.

Advantages of the Wedge Cushion

Pregnant woman wedge cushion: wedge cushion head helps pregnant women rest better by providing support for their back and abdomen. Pregnant mothers like wedge cushion head very much because it can be used happily even after childbirth, such as raising ordinary pillows for comfortable feeding or watching TV.

The pad on the back: if the pregnant woman often turns over when sleeping and is worried that her sleeping posture will affect her baby, the wedge cushion head can help you fix your posture and keep your left lying position.

Cushion up the ordinary pillow, reduce the burning and increase the comfort when sitting. A wedge cushion head can improve the height of the pillow and provide comfort. It can also be fixed with wedge cushion head to heat the back, etc.

Save space. When bacopa is guarding, he can also sleep comfortably. On the way to travel, wedge cushion's small shape is convenient to carry and can provide body support for pregnant mothers.

Wedge Cushion Material

The pillow is made of a slow rebound material. Its function is not to increase people's memory, but because the pillow often used will form the inherent shape of the head and neck. When the molecules of this material are compressed by external forces, they will flow and deform, and adhere to the contact surface contour of the pressure object, and the reaction force is weak due to the restriction of van der Waals force between the molecules so that the pressure is evenly distributed to the whole contact surface, and when the pressure is eliminated, it will slowly recover to the original shape.

Wedges are designed to help elevate and support the neck. Furthermore, it helps to relieve discomfort associated with respiratory problems, poor circulation, and back or neck pain. 

Unique shape design for different usage situation, it can be used on a chair, wheelchair or in a bed. Compact folding design allows for easy storage and the carry handle is perfect for travel.

With heavy-duty  zippered  washable cover which could machine washing.

Wedge Cushion Parameter


45x45x9/1cm, 75x50x13/1cm, or customized size

Pillow core

Cut memory sponge


The perforating ventilation design can strengthen the sleep airflow, and the shoulder and neck can get acupoint relaxation, so as to achieve the effect of Anti Snoring

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