Maintenance of Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillows

The shape of the wave amplitude of memory foam bed rest pillows can maintain the level of the neck, which is suitable for those with shoulder aches. Its service life is about 3 years and needs to be renewed. The pillow of the memory sponge bed cannot be washed. Memory foam bed rest pillow is recommended to use a dehumidifier every 2 weeks. It can also be taken to the ventilation place for 30 minutes, but do not expose it to high temperatures to avoid hardening.

Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillows Selection

  • Whether the memory foam bed rest pillow is purely material. Whether the pillow is made of 100% polyurethane and whether talcum powder is added to increase the density. This is the secret of the industry's manufacturing process and high density. More than 90% of the slow rebound pillows in the Chinese market are made of nonpure materials, so the density index is gradually difficult to measure the real quality of pillows.

  • Whether the memory foam bed rest pillow has passed the security inspection: slow rebound material, which belongs to chemicals, has certain harmfulness in terms of chemical composition, so its safety index must be controlled in production, whether the volatilization of slow rebound toxic and harmful substances is fully exerted, whether a pillow is suitable and whether its safety inspection index has passed. At present, the detection of slow rebound products includes the detection of toxic and harmful substances and the detection of pure materials.

  • Density of the memory foam bed rest pillow: density is one of the basic indicators of high-grade slow rebound materials. The density of polyurethane in the general molding process can be 70-150d, and that in the cutting process can be 40-100d. Due to the technical bottleneck and equipment differences, the density of polyurethane produced in China is generally lower than 100D, while that in foreign countries can be up to 150D. Next, even products with the same density will be very different, which is mainly caused by different formulas, processes, and raw materials, that is to say, high-grade slow rebound materials must be high-density, but only high-density materials are not necessarily high-grade materials.

  • Rebound time of the memory foam bed rest pillow: rebound time is also known as the ability to maintain shaping. Generally, the slower rebound, the better decompression ability. The rebound time of domestic memory cotton is generally 3-5 seconds, and that of the imported memory pillow is more than 10 seconds.

  • Manufacturing process of the memory foam bed rest pillow: there are two manufacturing processes of slow rebound: cutting and molding. Cutting is to cut the finished slow rebound sponge into pillows. Because the molding is by cutting instead of mold + auxiliary, no other auxiliary is added, so even pure polyurethane density can only achieve 40-70d. The mold is made by adding auxiliary, foaming, mold pressing and a series of processes. Due to the addition of another auxiliary, including foaming, softening and another chemical auxiliary, the density is increased to about 70-90d and the hand feel is good. It should be noted that the service life of pillows has nothing to do with technology.

  • Hand feeling and temperature sensing of the memory foam bed rest pillow: hand feeling and temperature feeling have little to do with the density of pillows, mainly due to the mature process of the factory (depending on the difference and how many additives are added to the environment). The hand feeling of high-grade comfort memory foam pillow is very comfortable. It's like the feeling of kneading dough. It's a little bit slow rebound, either a little bit of communication or a little stiff.

  • Service life of the memory foam bed rest pillow: Polyurethane memory cotton pillow is mainly related to whether it is pure polyurethane, and whether it is high-grade imported polyurethane. If it is pure imported polyurethane, it should not deform for more than 5 years, but if it is added with talcum powder and other raw materials to increase density and weight, the quality of the pillow is poor, usually, it can only be used for 1-2 years.

Parameter of Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillows

MaterialSlow rebound material
FunctionPrevention of cervical strain

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