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Bamboo memory foam pillow, also known as "memory pillow", is a kind of pillow made of slow rebound material, generally made of polyurethane material, with viscoelastic characteristics. When the position of head and neck changes, it will automatically deform, keep the position closely combined with the neck at any time, and fix the head, so as not to let the head slip and cause the falling of the pillow

Memory Foam Memory Foam
Memory Foam Memory Foam
Memory Foam Memory Foam
Memory Foam Memory Foam
Memory Foam Memory Foam

How to Clean Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow  

  • When cleaning bamboo charcoal pillows, pay attention to cleaning methods:

  • Use neutral detergent with mild nature for washing.

  • Put the pillow into the detergent solution, and constantly squeeze the pillow by hand until it is washed clean, and the excess detergent must be squeezed out.

  • Rinse the pillow with water until it is clean, and finally squeeze out the excess water.

  • Put the pillow flat to dry, which will make it softer and fluffy.

  • Do does not use detergent with strong acidity and alkalinity to clean bamboo carbon, which will penetrate into bamboo carbon due to its strong adsorption and affect the use of health. Drying bamboo carbon products several times a month can keep the natural air drying of bamboo carbon products.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is Not Suitable for Those Users

  • Patients with cerebral infarction should not use a bamboo pillow at night. Cerebral infarction is a kind of cerebrovascular disease caused by cerebral ischemia caused by occlusion of cerebral blood vessels. In summer, the human body perspires more, the blood viscosity is relatively higher, the blood flow to the brain becomes slower, and the blood flow will become slower when people sleep. Therefore, the probability of cerebral infarction in summer is significantly higher than that in spring and autumn, and the most frequent time is at night. Professor Geng Tongchao said that bamboo is naturally cool. Patients with cerebral infarction lie on it and the brain is easy to get cold, which causes the relative contraction of blood vessels in the head and neck, further reduces the blood flow and leads to cerebral infarction attack. In addition, if the air conditioner is turned on indoors, it will lead to excessive cold of the bamboo pillow. For patients with cerebral infarction, it is just like adding frost to the snow. Therefore, even if the patients with cerebral infarction need to use a bamboo pillow, it is better to use it under normal room temperature or at noon.

  • Diabetic patients should not use a bamboo pillow, because it is easy to scratch the skin and cause infection, which leads to the increase of blood glucose stress and aggravates the condition.

  • People with cold should not use it, otherwise, it will cause headache easily.

  • People with weak constitutions and deficiency of stomach cold and Qi will aggravate the disease and prolong the disease period.

  • Pregnant women and menstrual women should also keep away from bamboo pillows to avoid gynecological diseases.

  • The baby's skin is delicate, and the bamboo pillow is hard and rough, which will cause damage to their skin. It should also be used with caution.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Parameter

Pillow coreMold memory cotton
functionUnique ventilation design, strengthen sleep air flow, shoulder and neck get acupoint relaxation, achieve the effect of Anti Snoring.

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