Custom Mother & Baby Care Pillow Wholesale

The mother & baby care pillow is a pillow made of slow rebound memory sponge. The shape of the pillow core is designed carefully by computer CAD according to the physiological curve of the human head and neck and the principle of ergonomics. It completely conforms to the principles of ergonomics and brain wave diagrams. The appearance of the pillow can effectively solve the problem that the traditional pillow causes the "hanging" of the human neck, so as to provide the most uniform and real support for the neck and make the parts of the neck and the pillow in contact for a long time in a no-pressure state. Therefore, it has a significant effect in protecting the cervical spine, preventing cervical spondylosis and enhancing human immunity, which is very suitable for the use of pregnant and infants. 

Types of Mother & Baby Care Pillow

The material of Mother&Baby Care Pillow

The mother & baby care pillow is a material developed by NASA to relieve the pressure on astronauts and pilots. It integrates the world's high and new technology, which can be shaped in response to body temperature and pressure, and effectively dissolve the human body pressure into zero pressure, counteract the reaction force, provide you with the most uniform and real support, and make the parts of your body in contact with no pressure for a long time,not block blood circulation, and is not easy to produce fatigue and pain, so it can reduce the number of unnecessary turning in sleep, improve sleep quality. The baby care&mother pillow contains warm memory particles, which can return to the original state according to the time required by the characteristics after compression. It can remember the shape of the object acting on it. It can provide the most appropriate support hardness according to the change of human body temperature, and completely relax your neck, shoulder, and waist to improve sleep. At the same time, the most natural sleep posture of the spine can be fully rested, which can protect the health of the spine.


The function of Mother&Baby Care Pillow

The pillow for mom and baby can eliminate the fatigue and ache caused by incorrect sleeping posture, relieve the purr, muscle ache and sleep disorder, make the contact surface of head, neck and waist free of pressure and smooth blood flow, make the human body quickly enter into a good sleep state, maintain the normal physiological state of cervical vertebra, effectively protect the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra and correct or prevent deformation, which is especially suitable to the people who are easy to insomnia, fall on the pillow and have cervical spondylosis. It can relieve the tension of a day, effectively improve the quality of sleep, relieve the backache, back pain and neck stiffness, fully relax the whole body and quickly restore energy. The traditional pillow for scientific neck protection is raised in the middle and the human body lies on it. You can feel it by touching the neck with your hand. The cervical vertebra is in the bending state, or there is a gap between the cervical vertebra and the head, that is, the suspended state. Long-term use will cause many problems, such as poor breath, snoring, and discomfort of the spine. And the custom pillow for mom & baby care completely conforms to the principle of human physiological curve, completely changes the old pillow neck suspension, avoids the traditional pillow unscientific curvature caused by breathing problems, neck distortion, snoring, cervical discomfort and other disadvantages.

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