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The word "fashion" has become a trendy endorsement in this world. Fashion in English is almost always hanging on the lips of some people, and it appears frequently in newspapers and periodicals. Many people's understanding of fashion is different. Some people think that fashion is simple, rather than being wasteful, it is better to be simple and frugal; sometimes fashion is just for the sake of being different; giving people a new feeling of having the style of fashion king. Refers to the old-fashioned, outdated; the so-called fashion, is a combination of time and fashion. The so-called time is time, and now, that is, within a period of time; Shang, there is admiration, noble, high-grade, leading. In fact, fashion in this era is not just for decoration, it has even evolved into a consciousness of pursuing truth, goodness and beauty.

Types of Fashion Bag

Shopping for fashion bags

  • Household type: When using daily storage bags such as daily clothing and footwear, you can choose according to the home design to increase the beauty of the room and the comfort of the room owner;

  • Shopping type: When buying items, you can choose shopping bags according to the type of items you need, and you can choose your favorite fashion style according to your personal appreciation of fashion.

An assortment of fashion bags

We need all kinds of daily necessities in our lives. With them, our lives can be so convenient. Everyone will be familiar with the tote bag. With the tote bag, we can carry things, shop and go shopping conveniently. In today's era of fashionable personality, handbags must also be full of personality.

  • Gift bags

After the gifts were received, their packaging was almost useless. A kind of fabric packaging tape designed by Kunde Company is equipped with gift ribbons. When the packaging is unpacked and the items are taken out, the ribbons can be used as shopping bags after colluding a little. It is not wasteful and durable. Its fashionable shape design makes the gift beautiful and exquisite and can increase the happiness of the gift recipient. At the same time, after taking out the gift, it can be used as a shopping bag, which is fashionable and beautiful and attracts the attention of others.

  •  Hanger jewelry tote

Kund Design has designed a paper bag with a hanger for the store's fashion store: an upside-down hanger is embedded in the bag handle. When you return home, you can remove the hanger from the paper bag and use it to hang a new one. Buy clothes. Not only is this bag very convenient, it can also make full use of resources and save extra costs for buying hangers. The design of the tote with hangers is fashionable when shopping on the street, and you can remove the hangers when you go home. This unique design concept is deeply loved by the public.

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