Body Pillow

Custom Size Body Pillow

Body pillow is also called boyfriend arm body hug pillow. The custom size body pillow of memory foam is a long pillow that can be placed on the bed to support the whole body. The solid memory foam body pillow is more suitable for people who are accustomed to side sleeping.

Body Pillow
Body Pillow

Advantages of Solid Memory Foam Body Pillow

HIGH QUALITY-MEMORY FOAM PILLOW- The solid memory foam body pillow is made with premium quality,100% memory foam to provide long-lasting comfort for hours, and won't flatten over time. Firmness for all memory foam products changes with temperature. Your cushion will feel softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. Room temperature is ideal for optimal performance!

EASILY WASHABLE-The convenient zippered cover allows for easy removal of the machine-washable cover - just throw into the machine for a quick washing, and get your pillow looking clean and brand new.

People who like to sleep on one side tend to focus their body weight on one side of the shoulder and arm when they sleep. When they get up, it is easy to cause shoulder or arm pain. The memory cotton body pilot head can evenly disperse the pressure and reduce the occurrence of this problem. It also a good choice for pregnant women.

Boyfriend Arm Body Hug Pillow Benefits

  • Absorb the impact force when the boyfriend arm body hug pillow is on the top, it feels like floating on the water surface or clouds, and the skin feels no pressure; also known as zero pressure, sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, we will have the phenomenon of pressing the auricle, but when we use the boyfriend hug pillow, this situation will not occur.

  • The ability of memory deformation and automatic shaping can fix the head and reduce the possibility of falling on the pillow; the ability of automatic shaping can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid the common problems of shoulder quilt leakage, and effectively prevent the problems of the cervical spine.

  • Boyfriend arm body pillow's anti-bacteria and anti-mite, slow rebound sponge can inhibit the growth of mold, dispel the irritating smell generated by the growth of mold, which is more prominent when there is sweat saliva, etc.

  • Breathable and hygroscopic, because each cell unit is interconnected, the hygroscopic performance is excellent, but also breathable.

Memory Foam Full Body Pillow Material

  • The memory foam full body pillow adopts inflatable memory cotton material, this kind of technology is characterized by a comfortable feel of pillows, "there seems to be gas in it that can be squeezed". This kind of technology can not be too high in the natural density of uniform inflation of pillows, generally between 45-60, because of uniform inflation and air filling with a special imported auxiliary agent, but it overcomes the defect that sponge technology is prone to collapse in the past. It is comfortable and popular products, such as the current small soft pillow inflation technology, rebound speed can be adjusted, generally in 2-3.

  • Ordinary memory cotton material, the foaming process of memory cotton all the time, the hand feel and rebound speed can be adjusted, but its fatal disadvantage is prone to collapse.

Original Full Body Pillow Parameter


150 x 20 cm (L*Dia)


viscoelastic foam


U shape


Bedding, Massage, Camp,Pregnancy

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