Tri-fold Mattress

Custom Tri Fold Mattress

Tri-fold Mattress refers to a kind of mattress with folding function made of fillers. In terms of mattress production, usually, the folding mattress consists of latex, environmental protection cotton, 3D material, sponge, palm and other materials. Due to different material properties, its price is also quite different.

Memory Foam tri-fold mattress Memory Foam tri-fold mattress
Memory Foam Custom Tri Fold Mattress Memory Foam Custom Tri Fold Mattress
Memory Foam Tri Fold Sleeping Mattress Memory Foam Tri Fold Sleeping Mattress
Memory Foam 3 Fold Bed Mattress Memory Foam 3 Fold Bed Mattress
Memory Foam 3 Fold Foam Mattress Memory Foam 3 Fold Foam Mattress
Memory Foam Custom Tri Fold Mattress Memory Foam Custom Tri Fold Mattress

Tri-fold Mattress Classification

Tri-Fold mattress: Eco cotton folding mattress mainly uses eco-cotton as an inner core. Eco cotton is made of polyester fiber as raw material through the non-woven process. Because of its environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde is popular in the whole soft furniture industry. Environmental protection cotton is made of polyester fiber, which greatly increases the air permeability and service life of the mattress. Environmental protection cotton folding mattress does not breed mold, has no irritating smell, is close to the skin, is not sensitive to moisture, and is the best material for making mattresses and outdoor mattresses.

3dtri fold mattress uses 3D material as mattress liner, 3D material uses "x-90 °" structure, double-sided mesh, showing six sides of air-permeable and hollow three-dimensional structure, moderate hardness and softness, effectively releasing cervical pressure, preventing compression during sleep, resulting in poor blood circulation, effectively extending deep sleep. The biggest characteristic of 3D material is air permeability. The air can circulate freely inside the mattress to keep the overall dryness of the mattress.

Materials of Tri-fold Mattress

  • Sponge, latex: High efficient sponge and high-quality natural latex can better support the spine, keep the natural curve, and high-density memory sponge can relieve fatigue, make people sleepier and fall asleep safely. Latex can more inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, and it has no static electricity, sending out the natural milk flavor. The open latex has millions of internally connected pores, which allow the air to circulate freely, and can keep the mattress dry. Take care not to expose the mattress material in the sun as much as possible, so as not to affect its service life.

  • Vent: The mattress is full of holes with different sizes and ellipses, which can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water in an instant. With the moisture absorption and dehumidification ability of bamboo fiber, the mattress can keep dry for a long time, even if it sleeps for a long time, it will not feel sticky. There is a whole row of exhaust holes on the side of the mattress, which can effectively heat and discharge the moisture, so as to keep the air in the mattress fresh and healthy so that there will be no damp, mildew and stink during the season change.

With professional industry experience and innovative design team that we could customize and design the mattress as your need. We could offer different shapes, like King, queen and child size. Our tri-fold mattress ventilated for airflow to help regulate sleep temperature for maximum support and comfort.

The foldable mattress uses Oeko-tex Certified memory foam that is free of all toxins and chemicals, and the cover is made high quality durable  for long-lasting comfort

It is the ideal solution to temporary sleeping accommodation, perfect for unexpected sleepover guests or family reunions, when you go camping or traveling, or having a child going off to live in a dorm room.

Tri-Fold Mattress Parameter




Fireproof cotton or memory cotton




Foldable design, easy to stow, fold open to use.It can be used for hospitality, rest, children's play, etc.

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