Advantages of Memory Foam Chair Pillow

  • The unique temperature sensing characteristics will become soft when heated and become hard when cold. When touching the body temperature, the particles on the surface will be softened. With the particles softened by the body weight, the pressure area will be evenly distributed, which can shape your body shape, eliminate the pressure point, and make the blood in your body not be compressed under any circumstances. When the human body leaves, it will slowly return to its original state.

  • It is different from the traditional sponge and fat cotton: the memory foam chair pillow absorbs the weight of your body. You will feel like floating in the air. It follows your body shape instead of fighting against your body shape like sponge or polyester cotton so that you can adapt to it. They provide complete support for the body, strength, and waist by resting the spine and joints in their natural physiological state. You will release the pressure completely and enjoy unprecedented weightlessness.

  • With unparalleled durability, high-density materials ensure it has strong durability and strong support. This stress-relieving property avoids the pain and discomfort often caused by rebound pressure or gravity self-building.

  • "Space memory cotton" materials are all treated with European standards of anti-bacteria and anti-sensitivity. Its high-density materials effectively resist sweat and odor infiltration, ensuring personal hygiene and harmless to human health.

Reasons For the Need of Memory Foam Chair Pillow

Do you lack a bolster in the office? Just right, the memory foam chair pillow is very suitable. Soft curve design is designed according to ergonomics, so that the waist fits the bolster, relieving back fatigue, comfortable, soft and not easy to deform so that you can feel a more comfortable life.

And after you work more than ten hours a day, you have no passion for the cold chair. Give yourself a little comfort, sit more comfortably, and work more efficiently. A high-quality memory foam chair pillow is not easy to deform.

Parameters of Memory Foam Chair Pillow

ShapeClassic groove
FunctionIt feels comfortable, and particles can change shape according to pressure.

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