Leg & Knee Pillow
Leg & Knee Pillow

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Leg pillow is an ergonomic pillow pad.It's very important to improve sleep quality, and most people will directly choose pillows or throw pillows as foot pillows. Because its height, soft and hard design can't reach their desired comfort, too high or too hard, it will cause muscle and blood vessels to be squeezed, resulting in uncomfortable numbness and other situations, so you need a human engineering and learning to design leg pillows.

SCIATICA, BACK & HIP PAIN RELIEF AT NIGHT: Texpack's ergonomically designed knee pillow fits comfortably between your knees and provides maximum support and comfort at night that helps relieve sciatica pain and pressure on the lower back.  

IMPROVE SPINAL ALIGNMENT- Texpack knee pillow will help keep your hip, legs, and spine properly aligned, while lying down or sleeping, thus allowing for better circulation throughout your body.

Better comfort &Better sleeping-During pregnancy, use the pillow as a knee spacer while lying down, for better comfort and circulation.

It's a good way to sleep with pillows under your legs. Due to a long time of standing or walking in the daytime, the fatigue of legs will have slight edema. Putting pillows under the legs will promote the venous return, make the blood circulation uniform, reduce the edema, and people will feel particularly comfortable.So it's not only comfortable to put pillows under your legs when you sleep, but also when you rest. If it is a person with leg and foot injury, it is more beneficial to do so, which is conducive to the rapid recovery of the injury.

Leg & Knee Pillow Benefits

When we sleep and lie flat at ordinary times, the waist of the legs is constantly pressed, and the blood flow is slow. However, we use the leg pillow to raise the legs so that the legs are higher than the heart, which is helpful for the blood flow, reducing the pressure on the legs of the blood vessel wall, eliminating leg edema, relieving fatigue and preventing varicose veins. Dome shape, natural pain relief bending, perfect fit your leg shape and provide large support. Arch to increase blood circulation and relieve pressure.

Compared with lying on one's back, some little partners prefer to lie on one's side. At the end of pregnancy, they can't lie on the other's side. In fact, when lying on one's side, our spine is arched and bent. The waist, pelvis, and knee will be damaged in different degrees. Using the leg pillow to put it in the middle of the legs can play a supporting role, which can not only restore the human body to a natural state.

When lying flat, a pillow is placed under the lower leg because of running and standing for a long time in the daytime, which will make our blood accumulate in the lower leg and cause edema. When sleeping, raising the lower leg can let the blood flow back to the internal organs; when lying on the side, a pillow or cushion between the two legs is conducive to keeping the lumbar spine in a neutral position and keeping the spine in an extended state.

Leg & Knee Pillow Classification

Hill Style leg pillow; elaborate wave radian, natural groove, fit leg muscles, effectively relieve leg pain, and massage effect can be achieved when sleeping.Especially effective against edema.This kind of pillow is a kind of nursing pillow, which can be used by men, women, old and young. It can protect neck, waist and leg.

Leg & Knee Pillow Parameters


24x21x14.5/8 cm, 25.7x19.68x15.24 cm


Soft memory foam


For the knee, back, head, neck


50 ~ 100 D (kg/m3)


Air layer fabric (35% viscose, 65% polyester)


Magnetic, Cooling, Massage, support

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