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The Brief Introduction of Cooler Bag

The cooler bag is a new kind of freezing medium, which has no water pollution when thawing. It can be used repeatedly, and in a cold or hot environment. Its effective use of cold capacity is 6 times the same volume of ice, which can replace dry ice, ice cubes, etc. Its category is simple and clear. It can be divided into a reusable cooler bag and disposable cooler bag.

Types of Cooler Bag

  • Reuse type

The four-layer technology ice of reuse type is composed of two layers of nonwoven textile materials, which are compressed into a special form of cross-chain, polyacrylic acid polyol polymer refrigerant by combining the formula of a trade secret. The two key plastic layers inside use one-way micro-perforation technology, which makes the plastic layer combine with the textile material layer to ensure that the new model can withstand the worst weather in the transportation process. This performance is undoubtedly an innovation.

  • Disposable type

It is mainly used for perishable products, biological preparations and all products that need to be refrigerated and transported (if the technology ice is transported along with the product during transportation and cannot be recycled, it is recommended to use the standard two-layer technology ice). Although the standard technology ice is designed for one-time use, it can also be used many times under careful use (Note: it cannot be used with the HDR four-layer technology ice, for HDR four-layer is reusable, and can be used in a cold and hot environment.)

The Principle of Cooler Bag

The cooler bag is made up of high polymer compounds with large cold capacity, non-toxic and tasteless features as raw materials. Its content is crystal clear, corrosion-free, anti radiated and elastic. The main material is CMC.

Uses of Cooler Bag

  • It is used for medical cooling and antipyretic, antiphlogistic and analgesic, cold compress and hemostasis, physical therapy and skincare, cold and hot compress and physical therapy bag.

  • Refrigerate and transport all kinds of biological frozen reagents, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh food in a long distance.

  • It is used for bruises, sprains falls and other injuries during the training and competition of athletes in the sports field.

  • Cold compress: physical cooling, antipyretic, antiphlogistic and analgesic, fatigue and itch elimination, and rapid elimination of discomfort or pain caused by fever, headache, toothache, sprain, backache, mumps, heatstroke, etc.; it is also suitable for students to study and cool down, prevent heatstroke and refresh their mind during the examination.

  • Hot compress: warm hands, stomach and waist in winter.

  • Cold storage and fresh-keeping: breast milk preservation, beer beverage cold preservation, cold preservation for the food, boxed rice, and other items, refrigerated transportation of various biological freezing reagents, solder paste, bird medicine, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh food during a long distance.

  • The cooling cooler bag is a high-tech product, which can be reused and can be used in a cold and hot environment.

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