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Coccyx Cushion

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We all know that when a person is in a sitting position, the weight of the human body acts on the spine through a hard bench. At this time, the caudal vertebra is the first one to bear the brunt.

The sitting group has been sitting and working for many years and months. As time goes on, the caudal vertebra will suffer from compression, fatigue, injury, and inflammation, which will cause pain. When cervical vertebra pain, we can also exercise. In most cases, it can get some relief, but when the tailbone pain, it is not easy to press the message, and the activity is even more difficult. Since we can't avoid the fact that we are sedentary, it's urgent to correct our sitting posture. Therefore, the pain in the tailbone is very difficult to relieve. At this time, we need a tailbone pad to relieve the pain. It conforms to the ergonomic design, can wrap around the hips from all sides, and fit the curve of the human body. Because the contact surface between the cushion and the hip is larger than the contact surface when you sit in the chair, the pressure of the spine can be better dispersed. You are comfortable and not tired. It is bigger than the general cushion. When a tall person sits on it, his buttocks can also feel comfortable. It can support the weight of the human body, so as not to continue to make the human body and the chair "hard against the hard"; the cushion itself has the function of releasing pressure, rather than replacing the chair with the cushion. It makes the human body and cushion "hard against hard".

The material of Coccyx cushion

Memory sponge was originally used in the aerospace industry. In 1962, NASA used memory sponge on the seats of the spacecraft to absorb the impact of the spacecraft during takeoff and landing and to improve the comfort of the seats. Memory cotton is a kind of material, which will deform slowly when under pressure, so as to adapt to the contour of the object under pressure and disperse the pressure on the whole contact surface. The core of the cushion can fully absorb and disperse the pressure of the spine, double the curve of the hip so that your waist can fully remember the cotton and the temperature sensing characteristics. When the temperature is high, it will become soft, when the temperature is low, it will become hard. After sitting on the seat, the part contacting with the body will gradually become softer. The place not contacted around will basically maintain the original temperature and still maintain full support. Another advantage of this is that the buttocks are not easy to flatten and collapse, which is very helpful to keep the buttocks relaxed and rested.

  • 100% PREMIUM QUALITY MEMORY FOAM-Our memory foam is 100% pure with no additives keeps its shape NEVER GOES FLAT which certified OEKO-tex 100. 

  • ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR RECOMMENDED -With Unique U shaped ergonomic design recommended by orthopedic surgeons and medical doctors across the globe for treatment of chronic or acute pain by alleviating pressure in strategic areas. Helps to relieve so many symptoms such as Low Back, Lumbar, Tailbone, Prostate, Hip, Piriformis, Spine, Leg Pain.

  • Suit for different scene-Best for Office Chair, Computer Desk, Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Drivers Patio, Couch, Recliner.  It's portable and small size also helps you find extra relief when you travel via plane.

Parameters of coccygeal cushion


40x40x10cm, 45x35x8.5cm,


High-quality space memory cotton, with an ice-cooled gel layer


Concave design


According to the unique design of the human body scanning structure, it helps to shape the body and make the body more relaxed with concave design

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