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With the increase of gestational age, the size of the fetus becomes larger, and the abdomen of pregnant women gradually bulges, so it is difficult to find a proper position during sleep.

Memory Foam Extra Large Pregnancy Pillow Memory Foam Extra Large Pregnancy Pillow
Memory Foam Extra Large Pregnancy Pillow Memory Foam Extra Large Pregnancy Pillow
Memory Foam Wholesale Pregnancy Pillow Memory Foam Wholesale Pregnancy Pillow
Memory Foam Wholesale Pregnancy Pillow Memory Foam Wholesale Pregnancy Pillow

Many doctors suggest that pregnant women sleep on their left side. This is because the liver is on the right side of the abdomen, and the left lying position keeps the uterus away from the liver. At the same time, the pregnant woman uterus rotates to the right. Many pregnant women sleep better in the early days of pregnancy because they feel tired to conceive and protect the fetus.

A pregnancy pillow is a special pillow for pregnant women. Its main function is to help pregnant women in special periods protect their waist, abdomen, and legs. Pregnancy pilot helps reduce the pressure on the enlarged abdomen, relieve backache, and help pregnant women keep balance. It is generally used after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillow Classification

  • Waist pillow: simple shape, mainly to protect the fragile waist of pregnant women. It's the first generation of pregnancy pilot.

  • Multifunctional pillow: the shape is complex, often including abdominal pillow, waist pillow, leg pillow, head pillow and other pillows, which can be combined at will.

  • To meet the needs of pregnant women, relieve back pain, relieve leg edema during pregnancy, and even correct sleeping errors during pregnancy. The most representative is the "multifunctional E-type pregnancy pilot" of pillow workshop. It is the most top-level pregnancy pilot in the Chinese market today; the first to enter CCTV studio for display, CCTV special report recommendation; obtained national patent.

  • Side sleeping pillow for pregnant women: the side sleeping pillow for pregnant women looks like a treasure, with two protruding sides in the middle depression, and the two protruding sides can fix the waist of pregnant women.

  • Two-person pregnancy pilot: a pregnancy pilot that can be used by a pregnant woman and her husband when they are pregnant and can hug each other and fall asleep without worrying about the baby in their belly, which is shaped like a heart.

Pregnancy Pillow Effect

Fixed sleeping position: adopt the design of right-leaning and left holding to keep the pregnant woman in the left sleeping position. When the expectant mother sleeps, she should adopt the left sleeping position. By using a pregnancy pilot, she can keep the sleeping position on the left side, effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by the long-term sleeping of the pregnant woman, and greatly improve the sleep quality.

Free adjustment: it has an adjustable waist pillow to support the fragile waist of pregnant women. It can be adjusted at will according to different periods, waistlines and pillow distances of pregnant women. It is more suitable for pregnant women's waists and does not touch their waists.

Fetus and waist protection: lying on the left side of the pregnant woman is conducive to the growth of the fetus. Lying on the right side, lying on the back, lying on the front will cause intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth, hypertension and other symptoms. Lying on the left side is the most healthy and safe sleeping position for the mother and child.

Relieve pressure: it can meet the needs of pregnant women to raise their head, waist and legs, make their limbs comfortable and relaxed, reduce the stretch of waist muscles, and relieve the common backache during pregnancy.

BEST MATERNITY PILLOW FOR SOUND SLEEP - The unique design follows the natural shape of pregnant moms, which is an over-sized U-shape, and is long enough for you to stretch out and support both back and front. U shaped body pillow is not only for pregnant mothers, but it is also comfortable for everyone who is eager for better sleep.

ANYONE needing more support, quite suitable for a side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper recovering from surgery, or tired of having to use separate pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back

Pregnancy Pillow Parameter


90x200x10 cm

Material Science

Memory sponge


U font


TC cloth, 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Pillow core

Memory cotton


Support pregnant women's stomach, waist, legs, relieve the body pain;

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