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With the rapid development of China's economy, the level of purchasing power and Consumption Willingness of domestic residents are gradually enhanced, and the consumption concept will tend to further improve the quality of life.

Brief Introduction of Cushion Bag

 The packing bag refers to the bag used to pack various articles. It makes the goods easy to transport and store in the process of production and circulation. It is widely used in daily life and industrial production. The cushion is an indispensable fabric product in the bedroom. It is comfortable to use and has irreplaceable decorative function of other articles. Use the cushion to adjust the contact point between the human body and the seat and bed to obtain a more comfortable angle to reduce fatigue. Cushion bag is required for storage and arrangement of cushion. Cushion bag is mainly used to store cushions, vacuum extraction, space-saving, convenient finishing. The packaging is for products. It is very important to have a safe and convenient package design. There are many aspects to the practicability of packing bags. For large or fragile products, packaging design needs to focus on how to better protect products through materials. The ergonomic design here is about how consumers will open the packaging bags and the interactive experience in the process. This is also a very important part of the packaging design process.

Use of Cushion Bag

  • It is easy and convenient to use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum pump to pump air!

  • It can prevent fleas, mold, dampness, stink, etc. and keep the cushion clean.

  • After the cushion is compressed, the storage space becomes larger.

Classification of cushion bags

The first type: air extraction. It is used to exhaust air through external suction equipment such as an air pump or vacuum cleaner.

The second type: rolling type. This kind of compression bag is generally small, and the gas is discharged by compressing the bag with a hand roll.

The third type: press type. It is generally in a vertical shape, through the weight sitting pressure, the gas will be discharged.

Cushion Bag Parameter




4 pieces of the pouch


Black non-woven


Black non-woven binding


Black nylon zipper


Nonwoven handle


Bedding bag

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