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The main purpose of blanket bag is to pack blankets, isolate other items, and prevent dust and moisture. With the rapid development of China's economy, the level of purchasing power and consumption intention of domestic residents are gradually enhanced, and the concept of consumption will tend to further improve the quality of life.

Brief Introduction of Blanket Bag

Packaging bag refers to the bag used to pack various supplies, which makes the goods convenient for transportation and storage in the process of production and circulation, and widely used in daily life and industrial production. With the increase in the sales of bedding products, the packaging bag has become a special product no longer attached to the production of commodities.

Blanket Bag Material

Nonwovens, also known as nonwovens, are composed of directional or random fibers. They are a new generation of environmental protection materials. They are called cloth because of their appearance and some properties. The non-woven fabric is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritant, rich in color, low in price and recyclable.

Oxford fabric is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide uses. The main products on the market are suit, full elastic, nylon, Teague and so on. Originated in Britain, the traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University began around 1900. Oxford cloth is soft in color, soft in body, good in air permeability, good in strength and durability, and easy to wash. It has a wide variety of products and a long service life.

Blanket Bag Features

  • When the blanket is taken in, camphor pill and moisture-proof agent are no longer needed, which are toxic substances.

  • Save 3 times storage space, make household collection cleaner and cleaner.

  • Dampproof, mildew proof, insect-proof, and moth proof.

  • With four layers of security structure, it is more secure without air leakage.

  • Nylon zipper can be used on various occasions, but it is generally used in sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, tents. The commonly used puller is painted and sometimes electroplated. The material of nylon zipper is mainly polyester with low cost, which is also a kind of zipper preferred by the market.

Blanket Bag Parameters




5 pieces of the pouch


Red non-woven and transparent PE


Red non-woven binding


Red nylon zipper


Red rope handle


Bedding bag

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