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The raw materials of RPET are high-quality plastic bottle pieces, processed into recycledfiber (recycled chemical fiber), and then sewed into a non-woven process, and use 80%-95% recycled polyester staple fiber and 5%-20% high-quality polyester filament to make a recycledpet shopping bag.

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Function of RPET Shopping Bag

  • It is durable and unchanging and has high strength and good vertical and horizontal tension

  • With health care performance, it can promote blood circulation

  • Wear resistance, good air permeability, and sanitation

  • Resistant to yellowing and high temperature

  • No azo, heavy metal, environmental protection products

  • Waterproof, mildew proof, antibacterial, antistatic, etc

  • The full hand feel, clear and beautiful lines, easy processing functional products without changing their physical properties

Making Process of RPET Shopping Bag

  • Feed. The so-called opening material is calculated according to the estimated weight of the finished RPET cloth bag

  • Quantity of raw materials. The calculation formula is weight x quantity + possible consumption of a single non-woven bag. Due to the inevitable loss in the process of non-woven bag making, the weight of the opening material is larger than the actual weight. Therefore, there are some errors in the actual production quantity and scheduled quantity of the RPET bag.

  • Blow molding. This step is the key step in making an RPET cloth bag. Put the raw materials into the film blowing machine. The machine will melt the raw materials automatically and blow the film at the same time. The opening size of the bag and the thickness of the RPET cloth bag are determined in this step. Generally speaking, if the blower is fast, the finished bag will be thin. If the blower is slow, the finished bag will be thick.

  • Printing. In recent years, the demand for color printing of RPET cloth bags is higher and higher. According to the needs of customers, RPET cloth bag manufacturers need to use color printing machine to print the patterns on plastic film bags according to the established patterns. The key point of this step is plate making and pigment blending.

  • Cut the film. This step is to relocate the length of the film and cut the film into semi-finished products according to the length of the RPET cloth bag required by the customer.

  • Make finished RPET cloth bag. This step is completed on the bag making machine. Using a heat sealing knife, the plastic film is sealed into a finished RPET cloth bag with only one opening. The sewing width is also determined according to the customized requirements.

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