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Pillow bag is mainly used to hold pillows, isolate other items, facilitate storage and storage, and save space. The vacuum compression pillow bag has the functions of moisture-proof, mildew proof, moth proof and odor proof. The air in the compression bag and the clothes quilt is extracted by the air extraction tool, so as to reduce the volume and increase the storage space!

Pillow Bag Material

  • Oxford cloth, the storage bag made of Oxford cloth is very strong and durable, more wear-resistant than the storage bag made of plastic, and will not be scratched. Oxford cloth is also very beautiful, can have a waterproof effect.

  • The non-woven storage bag is more friendly and lovely. It also has a beautiful decorative effect in the home environment. The hanging storage bag made of non-woven fabric is particularly popular with women.

  • PA + PE vacuum storage bag is a better one in the market at present. The vacuum storage bag with this material can ensure good flexibility and adhesion, and it will not leak easily.

Advantages of Pillow Bag

  • Easy to use and operate

  • It can prevent moisture and dust

  • It can compress the pillow and save space

How to Use Pillow Bag

  • Open the bag, put the quilt or clothes in it after finishing, at least a few centimeters away from the zipper.

  • Pull up two-thirds of the bag mouth, leave one-third, and open one-third of the mouth.

  • Roll up the quilt or clothes to let most of the air out of the 1 / 3 port (so that it can save effort to pump air). Normally, it takes about 2 minutes to complete the air extraction of a bag.

  • Next, pull up the remaining 1 / 3 opening and seal the zipper part. If there are fibers and dust entering, the sealing performance will be reduced. The zipper can only be closed after it is wiped or blown clean with water gauze.

  • Slide the zipper back and forth at the seal to ensure that the bag is truly closed.

  • You can use a vacuum cleaner or a suction pump to pump air. Align the port of the vacuum cleaner or pump with the valve to start pumping air. After the air in the bag is completely sucked, quickly draw out the suction nozzle and cover the air valve cover and press the air valve cover firmly.

Pillow Bag Parameters




Two flat bags


White non-woven


Black non-woven binding


White nylon zipper


Black rope handle


Bedding bag

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