Brief Introduction of Shoes Storage Bag

Travel shoes are divided into shoe bags, thickened non-woven material, effectively sorting and sorting luggage, sealed bags can be waterproof and dustproof, moisture-proof sealed, multi-color optional, space-saving, multi-functional and super practical. Shoe storage has always been a headache, especially because there are many people in the family. The shoes that are going to be changed in and out of the house are often piled together in random order.

Advantages of Shoe Storage Bag

Cationic fabric, 4-level protection, waterproof and dustproof, moisture-proof and sealed, durable. Convenient storage, multi-color optional, space-saving, multi-functional and super practical

Shoe Storage Bag Placement

  • Shelf type

Tips: If your space is relatively large, you can find a special space to design shoe cabinets, especially like some shoe controllers, they really need a large space to store their baby.

  • Hanging

Tips: You can consider nailing a metal tube on the wall so that you can "hang" your shoes neatly on the wall. If there is still some free space on the wall, those who can go out can also consider hanging up some clothes and skirts to go out, which is also more convenient. Hang the shoes on the wall, not only will it be more convenient for you to take, but you will also use the color of the shoes to decorate the wall.

  • Display rack

Tips: Girls all have the idea to put their beloved shoes neatly, and put the shoes in the box without deforming them, and put them in the cabinet because of the limited space. Shoes cause injury.

  • Tray type

Tips: Tray-type shoe storage is relatively suitable for some small spaces. The tray-type is used so that it does not take up too much space, and it can also clean your shoes clean and hygienic, convenient practical.

  • Drawer

Tips: Drawer style shoe cabinet, then you can put the shoes in the direction of the shoes so that when you want to wear it, you can pull it out, simple and convenient. If there is space above, the style of the groove, you can also put some keys, sunglasses and other items to be taken out, so that people can easily take them.

  • Placement

Tips: At the corner of the entrance, you can put a set of white strip-shaped overall shoe cabinets, it is best to distinguish the upper and lower layers, so that you can put some shoes that you do n’t wear in the cabinet, if you often use shoes, you can put It is placed in the space below.

  • Three-dimensional shoe cabinet

Tips: This can be considered to be close to the wall, rectangular stand, the appearance looks like a square if you put on the sliding door, it will be more beautiful, and at the same time it will look neat and generous.

  •  Lattice

Tips: This design can put the shoes in a small grid, if you look at it from the outside, it will look neat and generous, and it is also very convenient to take.

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