Outdoor PVC Cover for Plants

Outdoor PVC Cover for Plants Wholesale

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Sturdy PVC Material ---- It is not made of thin, fragile plastic that is easy to tear. This plastic is woven with PVC and has a good structure, which makes the device durable.

Transparent Plastic ---- You dont have to worry about whether this plastic plate will block the light. The plastic is completely transparent, so the plants will get plenty of light.

Rollable Zipper Door ---- This greenhouse film is equipped with high-quality zippers and two ribbon knots to ensure that the door stays open for easy watering and free ventilation.

Ideal Growth Environment ---- The transparent PVC greenhouse cover can prevent the frost of plant seeds or fragile plants, overheat and maintain internal moisture. The transparent cover provides better visibility and you can observe the plants on the balcony from the outside.

Size available: 27x19x36in/27x19x50in/27x19x63in/27x19x74in

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