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Today the social economy is constantly rising, people, living standards are constantly demanding and improving, more and more Chinese people start their own business slowly from busy workers, from the economic aspect and the previous big improvement. Many people also began to play golf, the number of people in the past two years has increased dramatically, we talk about a product of golf accessories, for the majority of golf enthusiasts increase the purchase and understanding of strong golf bag can fully understand the differences of various functions, processes, and materials of a golf bag in a real sense.

Golf Bags Classification

It is divided into a standard ball bag, professional ball bag, bracket bag, gun bag, and aviation bag.

Standard ball bag: from a professional point of view, standard ball bag is not a standard word, it should be called standard ball car bag because as long as it is a ball bag, they will put it on the ball car for use, which is generally used quite a lot in Asia and the standard ball car bag in the Asia Pacific region is generally made of PU materials. In recent two years, there are many brands using crystal PU materials, which can be used from the appearance being the standard golf cart bag, if it made well and the materials are relatively good, the standard golf bag in the Asia Pacific region is quite high-end and gorgeous, which can show the identity of golf enthusiasts. If it a very good brand plus high-end materials and appearance, the value of this bag is not only great.

Bracket bag is a very good thing. It quite popular in Europe and America, and gradually accepted by consumers in China. It  very light and free from the influence of space. You can freely carry the bag on your back to play in the stadium, but it difficult to implement it in China all the time.

The standard name of golf gun bag is golf practice bag, that is to say, to go to the practice field, instead of a whole set of the back, you only need to install one, two, three or at most half a set of rods to the called gun bag, because the initial practice of the practice bag is like the gun bag, which is called gun bag in China. At present, the size of the gun bag is about 6 inches to 7 inches.

As the name suggests, airbags may have something to do with travel. That is to say, this kind of airbag is specially designed for golf fans to play far away. It can better protect the pole, not be damaged during travel, and can place all the luggage you travel, including clothes and shoes, etc. now most of the airbags sold on the market are made of soft nylon fabric, generally 20% in the head or so of the sponge so that better protection of the ball head, unique collection function, for the consumer generation of a very good convenience.

Advantages of Golf Bags

Generally, the surface of the ball bag made of synthetic leather is not easy to be scratched, and it easy to clean the surface, but it aging faster and it not easy to carry and sink. Nylon has better air permeability and lightweight under the condition of weather change, but it not strong and easy to be scratched and repaired by hard objects.

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