Dance Garment Bags
Dance Garment Bags

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Dance clothing bags are mainly made of PE, PO, PP, CPE and other materials, and are widely used in shirts, knitting, clothing, textiles, apparel, underwear, underwear, children's clothing and other industries. Nowadays, all clothing brand merchants have begun to attach importance to the role of clothing bags on goods.

Dance Garment Bags Material

Dance clothing is packed in non-woven bags, which will have more safety factor in bearing the load, and it also has certain advantages for carrying weight. If it is a non-woven soft bag, it can also be used as a storage bag. Multiple functions can choose.

Paper bag, which is a common raw material in clothing stores. It is commonly used to package dance costumes. It has the characteristics of lightness and customizability. At the same time, it is made of special processed pulp, which is also very environmentally friendly The big advantage, the only disadvantage is that it is because of paper. In terms of strength and water resistance, it is not as strong as other materials, but the current technology development can already use some auxiliary means to enhance it as a packaging clothes bag. Disadvantage.

An assortment of Dance Garment Bags

  • The zipper bag is generally a composite flexible packaging, which is composed of polypropylene OPP, polyester PET, nylon, matte film, aluminum foil, cast polypropylene, polyethylene, kraft paper and even woven bags (usually 2--4 Floor). The zipper bag is generally an aluminum-plastic composite bag. It is a packaging product that combines the advantages of various packages in one package. The cost is low and the printing is beautiful. Features such as strong freshness and good oxygen barrier; widely used in the clothing packaging industry.

  • Flat pockets are usually used together with cartons, generally for inner packaging. Its main role is to enhance the product's own value, anti-crease, anti-ash, dust-proof, waterproof and other functions. It is often used to pack shirts, T-shirts and other clothes. Common in clothing stores such as suits, dance clothes, and leisure.

  • Bone bag: Bone pouches can be used for the inner and outer packaging of various small items (jewelry, hardware, toys). Bone pouches can be used for the packaging of clothing and other daily supplies, and have a wide range of uses. Adding antistatic masterbatch to blown film production can produce antistatic ziplock bags.

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