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About Gift Shopping Bags

Our country is a country of etiquette. People always take gifts to "walk-around" in order to contact feelings and set off the atmosphere. When the guest carries the gift in the shopping bag with the words "I wish you a long life" and "I wish you happiness", what the host feels is not only the gift but also another kind of interest.

Attention on Gift Shopping Bags

  • A look at

Whether the shape of the bag is full, whether the arc is natural, whether the paste is flat, whether the angle is symmetrical, whether the fabric has obvious defects, and whether it is clean.

whether there are empty stitches, missed stitches and skipped stitches in the future.

Whether the manufacturer's name, address, and materials used for the products are indicated on the identification.

  • Try

Whether the zipper is smoothly closed

Whether the lifting handle and strap are sewn firmly (you can use your hand to pull slightly)

Whether the handle can be held comfortably

The supporting part on the back of the schoolbag shall have soft and elastic buffer treatment, and there shall be no corner part with concentrated pressure when carrying.

The schoolbag Belt should not clip the neck of the backpacker

The length of the schoolbag belt shall be adjustable flexibly and locked firmly.

  • Note

The surface of the plastic and metal accessories installed on the schoolbag shall be free of sharp tips and burrs, so as to avoid injury to the human body or hook damage to clothing during use.

Gift Shopping Bags Environmental Protection

Plastic shopping bags are convenient for people, but at the same time, because people abandon them in the wild, resulting in environmental pollution, which is often called "white pollution".Because abandoned plastic shopping bags will cause "white pollution", people often think that plastic shopping bags are not environmentally friendly, which is absolutely wrong. In fact, plastic shopping bags from raw materials, processing to final products, all the processes are very environmental protection, but its products are discarded in the wild after you use them at will to cause environmental pollution.

Where is the final destination of plastic shopping bags?

Where is the final destination of plastic shopping bags after the service life of packaging materials is unknown? There are three directions:

  • First, it is used as a garbage bag by residents, and the packaging garbage enters the garbage disposal site or is buried or burned, which is harmless to the environment.

  • Second, it is recycled and put into the reprocessing enterprise to reprocess plastic bags or other plastic products. The whole process is also very environmentally friendly.

  • Third, it is discarded by users to the wild, only this part will cause environmental pollution. Specifically reflected in two aspects: one is the impact of environmental landscape, such as hanging on trees is difficult to see; the other is being eaten by small animals as a delicious meal, which is difficult to digest and life-threatening.

So how many plastic shopping bags will be abandoned in the wild? At present, less than 1% of the plastic shopping bags we use are randomly discarded in the wild. With the continuous improvement of human civilization, the proportion of discarded bags will be lower and lower. For example, the rate of discarded bags in western countries is less than 0.5%.

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