Tyvek Paper Garment Bag
Tyvek Paper Garment Bag

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Tyvek is a spunbond olefin spunbond made from countless fine polyethylene fibers. This unique jet spinning technology can produce lightweight, highly reflective, yet very tough materials. Not easy to deform, soft and smooth, light and tough, excellent opacity, moisture resistance, water stain resistance, no adhesive. Is a very versatile material. Tyvek paper is used in many applications in daily life, such as envelopes, clothing tags, file labels, and ethylene oxide sterilized packaging bags.

Tyvek Paper Garment Bag Features

The non-transparent Tyvek paper clothes bag can better protect special materials from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays in the solar spectrum not only discolor and embrittle textiles, but also cause sunburn and aging of human skin, producing melanin and stains, and more severely inducing canceration, endangering human health. In order to protect clothing and life and health, Tyvek paper hanging bag can be the first choice for everyone when choosing a hanging bag.

The moisture-proof Tyvek paper clothes bag is more prominent and significant than the ordinary moisture-proof clothes bag. When it comes to moisture-proof clothing, people generally think of several ways. When using camphor pills in the closet, take out clothes, quilts and other things to dry, add a desiccant in the closet, and fold and pack clothes that are not currently being worn. Add some dried petals while adding desiccant inside, use a vacuum bag. Some of these methods are not effective, some are too cumbersome, or they are time-consuming. Tyvek's paper hanging bag can solve these problems and make the furniture wardrobe neat and fresh.

Tyvek's paper hanging bag is soft and smooth, and it is not easy to deform. It provides comfortable protection for the clothes while ensuring that the clothes are not damaged by moisture and ultraviolet rays while maintaining the beauty and quality of the clothes, it brings higher levels of happiness and comfort to home life.

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