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Packaging & Bag Material: bule neoprene.<br>
Stucture:3-panel bag.<br>
Binding:black neoprene binding.<br>
Handle:two pounching  handles in the middle of top.<br>
Packaging & Bag Material: bule neoprene.
Stucture:3-panel bag.
Binding:black neoprene binding.
Handle:two pounching handles in the middle of top.
Packaging & Bag Material: clear PVC0.12mm. cold-crack resistance minus 15 degree.<br>
stucture: heat-sealed 3-panel bag.<br>
Handle:2 pcs PVC tube shape handle on top, fixed with 4 plastic eyelets. Packaging & Bag Material: clear PVC0.12mm. cold-crack resistance minus 15 degree.
stucture: heat-sealed 3-panel bag.
Handle:2 pcs PVC tube shape handle on top, fixed with 4 plastic eyelets.

Insulated Wine Bag Introduction

These days, more and more people choose to go outside with the family to relax, and an increasing number of young people are paying much more attention to methods of keeping their food warm. However, transporting warm food from one place to another can be a challenging task. That’s where insulated thermal food bags can help. They are an essential tool for anyone who needs to keep their food warm and tasty.

If you want to go out to have a good trip or just make your life easier, this stylish Insulated Wine Bag is a necessity for you. It is also easy to clean, fold and store, and boasts its effective insulation.

Insulated Wine Bag Advantages

There are five advantages:

  • It’s environmental-friendly because it can save lots of plastic bags;

  • It is built of stain-resistant, abrasive-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, waterproof and eco-friendly materials;

  • It enjoys a high degree of thermal insulation, which gives you peace of mind that food stays just right and is ready to serve up piping hot and delicious meal when you want to. This product easily solves your cold-food issues and adds possibilities of going out for picnics.

  • It is accessible, affordable and reusable;

  • it could also be a tailored product for restaurants. With unique advertising slogans on those insulated bags during takeout delivery, each restaurant has a chance to be known by more people. The specific design for insulated bags used in a different situation also faces a diversified development and brings people more practical services. For example, bags that are designed for take-out delivery through motorbikes, bikes, and cars always have large or medium sizes; some are made into sports backpack, schoolbags, gift bags, package bags, and shopping bags.

Insulated Wine Bag Application

With the help of insulated bags, you are able to keep your food hot or cold for more than 6 hours, so there’s no doubt that their insulation capacity is better than ordinary iron or plastic insulated boxes, not to say they are more convenient and cleaner for daily usage.

Made for the great concerns of people’s health, Insulated Bags prove to be a good solution to keep meals stay warm for picnic lovers and office workers, as well as a good helper for takeout delivery services.

Product Dimensions28x35x7cm
MaterialPolypropylene Nonwoven Fabric
HandlesPolypropylene Nonwoven Tapes
FunctionShopping Bag

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