Brief Introduction of Bedsheet Bag

In this kind of storage bag, there is a kind of vacuum storage bag, which is especially favored by consumers. This kind of vacuum storage bag isolates the stored items from the outside air and plays the role of moisture-proof and mildew proof while dust-proof. Moreover, this kind of vacuum storage bag can reduce the storage space and facilitate handling and storage.

Bedsheet Bag Material

  • The most commonly used material of the storage bag is PET * PE, which is a mixture of two plastic materials. It has good adhesiveness, lightweight, small size, transparency, and tidiness, as well as waterproof and dustproof functions. At present, the most used material in this kind of material, which pays attention to environmental protection without any toxicity.

  • Mope is also a very common material, which is sold in supermarkets. But the adhesion of the total material is not as good as pet * PE, the sealing effect is not good, it is easy to leak air, and the effect of dust and moisture-proof is not good.

Bedsheet Bag Benefits

  • Dust will not fall on it

  • Reasonable utilization of room or storage space

  • Easy to manage and disassemble

Usage of Bedsheet Bag

  • Put the items to be stored into the vacuum bag, and pay attention not to be too close to the bag mouth to avoid scratching when sealing, and press the first self-sealing strip tightly with hand or sealing clamp. Compress from one end of the self-sealing strip to the end, and then compress the second self-sealing strip. Similarly, compress from one end of the self-sealing strip to the end. If necessary, press it again to confirm that the two self-sealing strips have been completely sealed up and down.

  • First, remove the anti cover on the air extraction valve, and then rotate the knob half a turn in the counterclockwise direction.

  • Use the suction port of the vacuum cleaner to align with the air outlet of the knob plate to extract air until the storage bag is close to the vacuum state.

  • Quickly tighten the knob in a clockwise direction, and then screw on the dust cover. Vacuum compression bag can not only effectively compress the volume of storage, save space, but also prevent moisture, moth, flea, mite, mold, moisture, odor, etc., so as to keep clothes clean.

Bedsheet Bag Parameters




Two flat bags


Transparent PE


Orange non-woven binding


White nylon zipper


Orange webbing handle


Bedding bag

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