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Introduction to Country Club Bag

The main feature of the country club bag is that it is easy to carry, free our hands. It is light weight-bearing, wear-resistant and convenient for going out. The design of the country club bag is very bouncing and colorful. Every year, a large number of new fashion Country Club packages are launched, which are sought after by a large number of fashionable men and women. The country club package has different quality in material and workmanship because of different functions. For example, some of them have been expanded in terms of fabric and style innovation, and the outdoor country club bag has waterproof function.

Materials for Country Club Bag

The most widely used and produced leather material is cow leather. The cow hide is the most durable, the cow hide of two to three years old or above is the best, and the others such as pig skin, goat skin, snake skin, crocodile skin are also very durable. Of course, the real crocodile skin is not cheap. The real pure leather bag is made of the first layer of leather. The price of this kind of bag is conceivable. After dozens of fine processes, it is of course very good quality, not only durable, but also has a good feel. In fact, the processed pure cow leather is also natural leather. Because of the processing, there are also artificial added things. People are often not interested in leather and think that leather does not contain leather components, and is completely artificial. This is a misunderstanding of the Chinese people. In addition, the imported PU leather is also very high-grade as a leather bag material. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the color is richer, and the feel is very good. There are also bags that can be made of burlap. Because of the good packing, it is very popular and durable! It's called a canvas bag. It's suitable for leisure.

Matching of Country Club Bag

Choose your favorite colors and patterns. It's very important. Bags can match clothes, belts, shoes, even scarves or headdresses. So the first step is to choose the color and pattern you like. It doesn't have to be limited to the clothes you wear at present, it can also be matched with the clothes you want to buy, or the clothes you have at home or other things. Of course, it's better to buy clothes first and then bags. This makes it easier to see the overall effect. Of course, if you buy online, you should match the clothes you already have.

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