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Brief Introduction to Wine Bag

The wine bag is a container for wine products made of cloth. The main materials are flannel bags, non-woven fabrics, canvas, oxford and other types of fabrics, and they are also a kind of environmental protection bag. Combined with the product's own characteristics, wine bags are widely used in bottled and boxed wine packaging. The wine bag is a kind of portable bag product derived from picnic bag. It adopts new materials, new technologies, and new techniques, and combines people's needs when traveling or picnicking. The wine bag is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. It is suitable for outdoor picnics.

Advantages of Wine Bag

  • Exquisite and beautiful

Because the cloth can be applied to various different printing processes, such as screen printing, bronzing, silver stamping, embroidery, thermal transfer, etc., it can print a variety of logos according to customer requirements, enrich product content, and make the appearance of the product more suitable for demand.

  • Easy to use

Because the cloth itself is light, the wine bag is light in weight; the rope closing method is used to make it convenient to hold and carry wine.

  • The cloth has both characteristics of flexibility and abrasion resistance and is durable.

Characteristics of The Wine Bag

  • Fabric: It is made of Oxford cloth, which is strong and abrasion-resistant. The sandwich mesh is used for the strap and hand of wine bag, which is breathable and increases comfort

  • Structure: Independent food storage and tableware storage.

Insulated food bins can hold 1-2 wine bottles and are equipped with a pressure-resistant system to prevent food from being squeezed. The food warehouse is made of aluminum foil and passed the European LFBG food safety test, which is environmentally friendly and safe. The inside of the food bin uses hot-melt seamless bonding technology, which keeps heat for up to 6 hours.

The tableware warehouse is fully equipped with western-style tableware. Standard cutlery accessories for wine bags include acrylic goblet wine glasses, cotton western napkins, stainless steel corkscrew with frosted handle, cheese knife with frosted handle, plastic portable cutting board, butter box.

  • Classification: According to the tableware accessories of the wine bag, it is divided into two and four. The two-person wine bag is equipped with tableware for two people, while the four-person wine bag has four sets of tableware.

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