Underwear Storage Bag Advantages

  • Space saving, because it is compressed, the volume of the expanded items is removed from the air in the middle, and the volume becomes smaller. A simple analogy is equivalent to flattening the sponge by hand.

  • No mold, insects, or moisture. This effect can be achieved because it is isolated from the outside air.

  • The price is relatively cheap. Generally, the current domestic price of this bag ranges from a dozen dollars to dozens of dollars, which is very practical.

How to Use Underwear Storage Bag

  • Let it dry completely before retracting the closet

Most bras have a layer of sponge pads, so be very careful when cleaning and drying, otherwise bacteria will grow. When cleaning, it is best to use a neutral detergent, not to harm underwear. Twist the water slightly to dry it outdoors. Note that you must wait for the underwear to dry completely before retrieving it. Otherwise, bacteria will easily grow in the sponge pad, and it will also easily oxidize and rust the metal parts of the bra.

  • Placed in the cabinet

Bras such as clothes with natural curvature, remember not to squeeze, because the sponge pad is more easily deformed. It is recommended to put it in a spacious drawer or wardrobe alone, try not to put it in a small space, otherwise it will be easily crushed. Moreover, it can be placed in an orderly overlapping manner, which is also convenient for you to choose different styles of bras.

  • Hanging storage with underwear hanger

Everyone can see underwear hangers when they go to the counter to buy underwear. This hanger is specially used for hanging bras. Since the shoulder strap is folded and locked in the buckle, the shoulder strap is not elongated, and the bra is also prevented from being squeezed and deformed. It is recommended that you can prepare a few such hangers to store your beloved bra.

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