Advantages of Business Suit Bag

  • The suit bag can resist the biggest enemy of the suit and has the function of dustproof. This can reduce the number of times the suit is cleaned, which not only saves cleaning costs but also keeps the suit fresh.

  • Non-woven suit bag has good air permeability, can prevent the invasion of dust and insect pests, and has a transparent visible window, the clothes are clear at a glance, and the protective effect is not delayed.

  • Non-woven suit bags can prevent wrinkles and deformation, keep it straight and neat.

  • When the suit is not worn, be sure to hang it with a suit bag, otherwise, it will affect the next use effect and reduce the grade of the suit.

  • Non-woven suit bag also has the function of preventing moisture and mildew. The non-woven cover isolates the clothes from the outside world, reduces the contact with the air, and greatly reduces the oxidation with the air. The suit is preserved as it is, which extends the life of the suit.

Maintenance of Business Suit Bag

  • The suit bag needs to be kept in a cool but not humid place. The good preservation of the suit bag means that the clothes inside are well preserved, so the preservation of the suit bag can not be ignored.

  • Do not keep the suit bag close to hot objects for a long time, and do not let the illuminating body directly illuminate, so as to prevent the material structure in the suit bag from being damaged, deformed or decomposed. The supplementary order affects the use of the suit bag and the overall beauty.

  • Do not attach the needle or any sharp object to the suit bag, it will damage the suit bag and reduce its dust, moisture, and mildew resistance.


So we must not only pay attention to the protection of high-end clothing such as suits but also carefully protect our suit bags.

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