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Quilt Bag

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Quilt packaging bag is mainly used for collecting quilts and all kinds of clothes. Its working principle is to extract the air inside the quilt and clothes (as if pressing the sponge will shrink), so as to reduce the volume.

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Characteristics of Quilt Bag

  • Save space. It is the vacuum compression that draws out the air in the middle of the original expansion object, and the volume becomes smaller;

  • No mildew, insects or damp. Because it is a vacuum environment, isolated from the outside air, it can achieve this effect.

  • The price is cheaper, very practical.

Quilt Bag Use

Quilt packaging bag is used to pack clothes, padded jackets, etc. it can play the role of moisture-proof, mold-proof, mothproof, odor proof, etc., making the collection space equivalent to three times larger. It is environmentally friendly, beautiful, novel and practical. It's a good choice for families in the rainy season in the south. It can store quilts well, prevent moisture, and pass through the rainy weather safely without worrying about drying them. For people who have a lot of clothes, especially sweaters and blankets that are not easy to store, they can put them into quilt packaging bags for storage, which can prevent moisture and dust, and save space at the same time. For those who go abroad or travel with too small suitcases, as well as those who are ready to move, vacuum compression quilt packaging bags can help you a lot.

How To Use Quilt Bag

  • Before putting the quilt into the compression bag, please dry it, then fold it into a shape convenient for storage and put it in the bag as far as possible, at least a few centimeters away from the sealing zipper.

  • Install the slide, press the slide zipper with your hand, and slowly and lightly pull it to the other end of the zipper.

  • Use the manual air pump to pump air, open the air nozzle cover, align the air pump with the air nozzle, and pull the piston to pump air.

  • Use the vacuum cleaner to extract air, open the air nozzle cover, align the suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner with the air nozzle mouth, and open the vacuum cleaner to quickly extract air and compress.

  • Open the closed zipper and take out the quilt to dry, then it can be restored to its original state.

Quilt Bag Parameters




5 pieces of the pouch


White non-woven


Gold non-woven binding


White nylon zipper


White rope handle


Bedding bag

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