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Machine Equipment Cover

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The machine equipment cover is called aeolian protective cover for short. The protective cover is a kind of machine protective cover. The shape of the aeolian protective cover can be designed into various styles according to the actual needs, and the size can be made according to the actual needs.

Classification of Machine Equipment Cover

  • The roller shutter protective cover can replace other protective covers when the space is small and tight protection is not required. It can be used horizontally, vertically or arbitrarily. It is a kind of ideal protective component with small space, large travel, fast speed, no noise, and long service life. Its appearance is smooth, regular and beautiful, which adds infinite color to the whole modeling of the machine and equipment.

  • Features of armor shield: each folded layer of the armor shield can experience intense vibration without deformation. It is used on the bellows together. It is still in the original condition at a high temperature of 900℃. They support each other and play the role of preventing small pieces from soaking. Characteristics of steel plate protective cover: steel telescopic guide rail protective cover is the traditional protective method of the machine tool. In this category, the steel telescopic guide rail protective cover is widely used, which has a useful protective effect on avoiding the entry of chips and other sharp things.

  • Rectangular protective cover: rectangular protective cover is the most common protective cover for monitoring equipment, which has low cost, durable quality, diverse size, and beautiful style. No special antirust treatment is required for the indoor rectangular shield. Generally, aluminum, steel or high impact plastic with painting or anodizing treatment is used.

Advantages of Machine Equipment Cover

  • This kind of shield is not afraid of the foot step, hard object collision, long life, good sealing, and light operation

  • The shield has long traveled, small compression and the ratio of length is 1:10. It is the most advanced form of a folding shield, which can make up for the problems that can not be solved by various shields. This kind of shield occupies a leading position in the world.

  • The product uses special materials, which is resistant to coolant, oil, abrasive foam, and iron chips

  • There are no metal parts in the shield of the machine equipment. Do not worry about the looseness of the parts when the shield works, which will cause severe damage to the machine

Parameters of Machine Equipment Cover




Five or two pieces

Material Science



Polyester cloth




as required by the customer


No or as the requirements of customers


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Waterproof, dustproof and UV proof

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