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Duffle Garment Bag Features

  • Lightweight, changeable, and convenient to carry items;

  • Diversified design, suitable for different people;

  • Diverse materials to meet different needs.

Duffle Garment Bag Material

  • ABS material: belongs to thermo-vacuum molding, the hard shell has an inner, the internal texture is more delicate, the surface of the box is more variable, and it is more impact-resistant than the softbox, but because of the box frame, the weight is relatively heavy but Protects clothing from creases and fragile items. Special attention should be paid to the use, the fuller the box is, the better, it is safest to fill all the gaps.

  • PP material: belongs to injection molding, both inside and outside the same color system, there is no inside and inside, roughly divided into PP materials. The PP material is developed to meet the requirements of modern products due to the loss of manpower. The development cost is expensive, but the service life is relatively long. All spare parts are exclusively equipped and cannot be modified. Therefore, only professional brands or professional factories have the ability to develop and produce. Its characteristics are impact resistance and good water resistance.

  • Aluminum alloy: The characteristics of aluminum alloy are durable, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and the service life of the bag shell itself can mostly be maintained for five or more years. It can be formed integrally, such as ZERO, or combined, such as RIMOWA. However, the damage to the surrounding accessories can be repaired. If the appearance is required to be beautiful and complete, it is probably not possible. If you want to replace it with a new duffel bag, otherwise, it will rarely happen, but the premise is: must Only by properly using the duffel bag, can it take advantage of its characteristics. Compared with the general duffel bag, it is heavier and the price is much more expensive than the ordinary.

  • Soft bag: It is light and flexible, and can hold a little more things. However, the advantages are also disadvantages. If too many things are built-in, the car stitches are tightened beyond their force value, which will cause the seam to crack. In addition, during the luggage check-in process, if the force exceeds the force value at the moment of the collision, the seam will be sewn. The thread was broken, and 70% of the soft luggage bags were damaged in this way.

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