Umbrella Cover
Umbrella Cover

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The umbrella cover is used to protect the umbrella. It can protect the surface of the umbrella from external corrosion and damage. At the same time, the umbrella cloth, net frame, upper pipe sleeve, lower pipe sleeve, movable adjusting pole, and handle are both protected.

The Advantages of Umbrella Cover

  • Light material, small size, easy folding, easy carrying;

  • Good ductility, waterproof and dustproof;

  • Various shapes, popular with the public.

The Material of Umbrella Cover

First, nylon cloth: polyamide is commonly known as nylon. Its English name is polyamide (PA for short). It is a general name of a thermoplastic resin containing repeated amide group [nhco] on the main chain of the molecule. It includes aliphatic PA, fat aromatic PA and aromatic PA. It can meet different special requirements and is widely used as traditional materials substitutes for metal, wood, and others, as a variety of structural materials. Cast nylon is widely used to replace the wear-resistant parts of mechanical equipment and copper and alloy as wear-resistant parts of equipment.

Characteristics of nylon cloth

  • DuPont Tactel nylon makes the fabric soft and comfortable, and its good moisture absorption can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body, thus reducing the pressure on the body, with the effect of the adjustment.

  • It is very light and easy to maintain.

  • It can be washed by machine, and drying time is three times faster than that of cotton. It only needs micro ironing or no ironing, is not easy to deform, and has significant wrinkle resistance.

  • Because of its excellent resilience, it can be restored to its original state after stretching.

  • Second, tapestry fabric: the color is more gorgeous. After rubbing the umbrella fabric on the hand, the crease is obvious and it is not easy to restore. When the cloth is rubbed, it will feel resistance and rustle. A layer of silver glue is applied to polyester, which is commonly referred to as the silver glue umbrella. The function of the silver glue cloth to prevent ultraviolet rays is better, but the silver glue is easy to break away from the folded place after a long time of use.

  • Third, PG cloth: it is also called impact cloth, and high-density impact cloth is a new type of cloth. PG has the following characteristics: the color is matte and dark. Like cotton cloth, PG cloth has good light-blocking property and high cost, but its UV protection function, quality stability and color grade are ideal, so it is a good umbrella protective cloth. It is generally used in umbrellas that need special protection.

The Parameters of the Umbrella Cover


40*100 cm


Bottom edge fixed with a rubber band


Ordinary nylon


Ordinary nylon


No zipper and handle


Waterproof, dustproof and UV proof

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