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Packaging & Bag *Material: brown cotton.<br>
*Structure: drawstring bag structure. Packaging & Bag *Material: brown cotton.
*Structure: drawstring bag structure.

About Watch Bag

Different wristwatches may need different packaging materials. When designing the wristwatch packaging, the first consideration is the carrying and use of wristwatches. How to make the carrying more convenient, the protection of goods more appropriate, and the shape more comfortable.

  • Watch bag design principle

The six principles of watch bag packaging design are practicality principle, commerciality principle, convenience principle, artistry principle, environmental protection principle and connotation principle. The common ones are practicality, convenience, artistry and environmental protection.

  • Principle of practicality

The principle of practicality is to give priority to consumers and create the best effect of products at a lower cost.

  • Principle of convenience

The principle of convenience improves efficiency, at the same time, it can facilitate the use of consumers and save consumers&apos; time. It is mainly reflected in the packaging shape of watch bag, such as when carrying, holding, holding or carrying watches, it will produce a certain sense of comfort and portability.

  • Artistic principle

The principle of artistry is the combination of technical beauty and formal beauty, which has strong artistic appeal. The artistic principle of watch packaging design is embodied in the shape, colour, text and other parts of the packaging. The unique packaging shape and gorgeous packaging colour are all to improve consumers desire for purchase.

  • Principle of environmental protection

The principle of environmental protection is to promote the sustainable development of packaging, which is not only harmless to the human body but also will not pollute the environment.Today&apos;s watch packaging design advocates green and renewable materials, and uses recyclable natural materials.

  • Commercial principle

The principle of commerciality is to make profits, to pursue unique shape, shocking advertising language and prominent colour matching in the design of watch packaging, so as to attract consumers to purchase.

As the package is attached to the watch, the watch itself can not be displayed directly, so the features, functions and quality of the product can be achieved through the watch packaging design.

  • Connotative principle

The connotative principle is to enhance consumers&apos; cognition and understanding of commodities and to have a deeper understanding of brand positioning, development and future.

Mining the regional culture, commodity characteristics and brand culture of commodities for reasonable packaging design can enhance consumers&apos; trust in commodities and establish good brand awareness.

Advantages of Watch Bag

A good watch bag packaging design in which practicality, convenience, artistry and environmental protection is the top priority. With the most professional design and unlimited design creativity, watch bag packaging specializes in all kinds of medium and high-end jewellery counter props, window props, various jewellery boxes and watches bag related products.

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